If you love rose gold everything — and who doesn't, it's the first day of spring — I have amazing news. Indie brand Jouer Cosmetics is coming out with an entire rose gold COLLECTION... and you'll be able to get it so soon.

And here it is: Jouer's entire spring rose gold collection!

It includes an eye shadow palette, liquid lip creme, sparkly lip topper, and highlighter.

First up in the collection is the Springtime in Paris palette — 12 bold shades of shadow in a rose gold case.


And as if that wasn't enough swatch madness, here we have the Rose Gold highlighter, Lip Topper, and Lip Creme all ~shining bright~ in the sun.

(These are all in the shade Rose Gold, btw.)

And of course, everything comes in this totally insane holographic rose gold packaging.

I really only want spring makeup if it reminds me of Jem in every way.

Jouer's Rose Gold collection drops on April 4, because we have been truly #blessed.

We don't have prices for everything yet, but at a glance, I'd guess that the highlighter will be around $24, the lip colors between $16 and $18, and I have no idea about the palette.

Luckily we don't have long to wait to find out! You'll be able to get everything on 4/4 on the Jouer Cosmetics website... so set a calendar alert now, because these rose gold babies are limited edition.