Look anywhere, like red carpets or Fashion Week, and there's a 100% chance you'll see a sleek ponytail somewhere. The always classic and easy-to-achieve hairstyle is making a serious comeback and is proving to be the go-to look of 2019.

And while our typical reporting on celeb-hair changes usually includes your favorite Riverdale star, a Kardashian/Jenner, or even a Hollywood heartthrob, today that's not the case. Instead the famous Judge Judy is getting our attention. Clearly inspired by the trends of today, Judy shocked viewers earlier this week by revealing her own variation on the low pony. 

So what are your thoughts? Was this worth the more than two-decade wait? 

Since 1996, Judge Judy Sheindlin has been a staple of daytime television. 

Her no-nonsense approach and tell-it-like-it-is attitude has guaranteed her a spot as one of the highest-paid and most-watched judges on television. Whether you watch her religiously or not, we can almost be certain that she's a fond memory of your childhood. But if we're being real, her hairstyle has always been nothing more than an after-thought when she comes to mind — until recently.

This week, viewers couldn't help but notice a major change to Sheindlin's look, a brand-new hairstyle we'd never seen her in before.

Donning a low, undone ponytail, Sheindlin shocked viewers with what seems like her first hair change in more than 20 years. The reviews were mixed, but one thing was sure: Nobody was prepared. "I. Am. Shook. Judge Judy has a new do and I dont know how I feel about it," one fan wrote on Twitter. 

Some loved it.

"My wce looks so pretty in her new hair style," another said. After years of seeing the same hairstyle, it was a pleasant surprise to witness the 76-year-old giving something new a try. Now whether we thought that change would be a low ponytail is up for debate, but we love a fun springtime hairstyle. 

Even the youngest of viewers noticed. 

"You know you watch a lot when one of your 5 yr olds notices she did her hair differently in the new shows. Lol," a mom shared of her young daughter's reaction. 

Now the real question becomes this: Was it a ponytail or a bun? 

According to one preteen, it was the latter. "My 12 yo came running into the kitchen yesterday. 'Judge Judy has a bun!! Mama, come look at Judge Judy’s hair!' She was shook as well," this mom wrote on Twitter. Looks like no matter what age, the shock was consistent. Shook is definitely the word to describe how we were feeling. 

Then the comparisons began, and they were pretty accurate. 

Another judge we're used to seeing with a slicked-back look is none other than the great Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who's been wearing a ponytail since her earliest days on the US Supreme Court. "Judge Judy with her hair tied back is looking more and more like RBG," a viewer said of the uncanny resemblance. 

People just couldn't let the RGB thing go. 

Like this fan who was clearly taken way aback by the ponytail. "It appears Judge Judy is morphing into Judge Ginsburg.What's up with this? I dont recall Judge Judy EVER having this look, hair pulled back. I've been watching Judge Judy for so many years! Weird! Not saying I dont like it, just weird at this point since Ginsburg is MIA? Thoughts?" she wrote.

Not even the cancellation of the long awaited Woodstock festival 2.0 couldn't shake the internet from the change.

"I know Woodstock has been canceled but the real news should be Judge Judy’s hair. What is happening??" this Twitter user wrote with shock and disbelief that we frankly can relate to.

The takeaway from it all, whether you care for the ponytail or would rather see her with another 'do, is that the change-up was completely unexpected. 

"Seeing Judge Judy with her hair pulled back is like seeing Santa without his beard. I wasn't emotionally prepared for this," yet another longtime fan tweeted. 

Now if we had our pick, we'd opt for a chic bob for the judge extraordinaire. Something with some soft layers framing the face falling right above the shoulders. Some clip-ins may be required, but hey, what's that to America's highest-paid judge?