Beauty brands giving back is nothing new, but it doesn't change the fact that it warms our heart every time. So when Justine Marjan announced that she would once again collaborate with Kitsch on a hairpin that was all about the right to vote, we were obsessed. It's just as politically significant as it is stylish, and it's under $30. 

Check it out ahead. 

Now more than ever, exercising the right to vote is essential.

With political unrest both domestically and internationally, getting out and casting your vote is a necessity. Many beauty brands are taking action to encourage just that, like Kitsch X Justine Marjan, who have teamed up for another hair clip collection. "We are beyond excited to announce our newest pin in our #kitschxjustine collection. The right to vote is an honor and for that reason, we wanted to celebrate and inspire people to use it! Your voice doesn't have to be loud to make a difference, so register to vote today," the brand wrote on its Instagram.

The collab comes from Marjan's passion for social justice. 

"Everyone who knows me knows that I have a passion for social justice and am eager to educate. I know a lot of people who are unaware of the issues directly affecting them and their local communities. With the upcoming election cycle, I want to encourage people to vote in the local elections as well as national so that all our voices can truly be heard," she said.

Marjan also thanked another celebrity for her inspiration. 

photo: Kitsch

The idea wasn't Marjan's alone. "Oftentimes the outcomes of elections do not accurately depict the views of the community because of voter suppression, voter disenfranchisement, low registration, and low voter outcome," she said. "I hope that I can encourage more people to get involved and create positive change in the world. Thank you @kerrywashington for encouraging me to create this pin and always being a light for positivity in this world."

And you can of course pair it with other clips from Marjan. 

photo: Kitsch

If you're a hair clip hoarder like we are, this "Vote" bobby pin will fit in perfectly with your collection. Can you really ever have enough hair bling?

Every purchase benefits voting rights.

photo: Kitsch

"100% of profits will be donated to @whenweallvote to help encourage those who haven't registered to get out and make a difference," Kitsch announced on its Instagram. So hurry and get yours now, and rock the vote (available for $29 on the Kitsch website).