Chichi Eburu Patrick Starrr
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I think we all thought that any drama involving Juvia's Place founder Chichi Eburu was over, but in typical beautysphere fashion, we should have known better. Just as the dust was settling after her controversy with Jackie Aina, Alissa Ashley, and several other YouTubers, she's now coming at Patrick Starrr in a flurry of Instagram Stories. 

However, unlike last time, everyone isn't completely against Eburu. In fact, some are even arguing that she has a point. We'll let you decide for yourself. 

It's no secret that Juvia's Place founder Chichi Eburu has an interesting relationship with influencers. 

Earlier this year, the brand founder got into a public feud with a handful of black beauty influencers after they blasted her for keeping them off PR lists and showing public support for known racist Jeffree Star. "Miss Chichi needs to cha-cha her way out of this industry ASAP … and a 5, 6, 7, 8," Patrick Starrr tweeted in the heat of the drama, siding with his friends.

But months later, much to many people's surprise, Starrr reviewed Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star's recent palette. 

"Patrick said he wouldn't use JP after how they treated Jackie, but then uses Jeffree Star?? After he called her a gorilla? Idk, doesn't really make sense to me," one viewer in a Reddit thread wrote about the surprising video where he compares the problematic YouTuber's palette to the new Tati Beauty release. 

Well, Eburu had something to say. 

"A complete joke of a human," she wrote on her Instagram story. "Bloody hypocrite, the thirst for fame is a disease."

But she wasn't done. She went on to question Eburu's loyalty to Aina. "Oh Mr. Patrick, I thought Jackie was your ride or die? Ohhh the conspiracy on this one though!" she said. 

Of course, Here For The Tea has the full breakdown for anyone still confused. 

The descriptive caption read:

Well, well, well … Chi Chi, the CEO of Juvia’s Place, took to her personal Instagram story to call Patrick Starrr a 'joke of a human' and a 'bloody hypocrite.' 
Patrick recently uploaded a video to his YouTube channel reviewing the Jeffree Star x Shane Dawson Conspiracy Palette and Chi Chi found that to be hypocritical considering Patrick publicly denounced Juvia’s Place following the Jackie Aina/Alissa Ashley debacle (you can scroll back to mid June on my page for complete receipts however, slides 6 and 7 are Patrick’s tweets wherein he told his followers not to support the brand). … 
To clarify, slide 4 is Chi Chi’s repost of Marlene Aymone’s story — Marlene is the owner of a brand called Lena Lashes. Marlene left a comment on Patrick’s video and also posted about it on the story of her personal page. 
Now, personally, I believe Patrick’s reason for denouncing the brand more so had to do with the unprofessionalism on Chi Chi’s behalf during that time (among other things, I’m sure), but I could be wrong. I would love some clarification from Patrick. 

And then Jackie Aina got involved. 

Patrick Starrr Jackie Aina
photo: Twitter/Patrick Starrr

Aina added her two cents under Here For The Tea's post. "Basically what they are saying is, 'we acknowledge that the person centered in all of this is problematic and has disrespected Jackie, but we will ignore all of this, minimize her experiences, flaunt our support of said influencer in hers and our customers faces, and gaslight TF out of them and it’s totally ok for us, BUT when Patrick posts about him, HE is the one who is a hippocrip [sic], but not us tho," she wrote seemingly in defense of her friend. 

And she wasn't done. "As always: what TF does this have to do with me??????????? Give it UP omg," she concluded. 

We have to admit, we agree with Aina. How daunting it must be to be dragged into every single inch of drama that Juvia's Place and its founder has. Will Starrr finally speak out? We'll have to wait and see.