Kat Von D is a makeup queen, tattoo goddess — and animal rights activist. Today, she made a passionate plea to end animal testing once and for all... and it's incredibly powerful.

This year, Kat's limited edition Project Chimps lipstick raised $236,000 for the ape sanctuary.

According to Kat, this money will "help give 300 chimps [who for the last 3 decades have lived an unatural life in testing labs] rehabilitation, and a safe haven to live out the comfortable life they deserve."

Kat — who has been vegan since 2015, and supports animal welfare groups around the world — then made a passionate appeal to end animal testing.

"Whether or not you agree with me that animal testing is an act of cruelty to innocent animals, #vivasection is still something that you should be against," she wrote. Quoting several PETA infographics, she went on to say:
"There is no such evidence that shows animal testing benefits humans. 92% of all drugs that pass animal tests FAIL in human trials. Each year 197,000 people die from adverse drug reactions in the EU and 106,000 in the US - even though these drugs passed animal testing. In the US alone, the vivisection industry spends over $18 BILLION dollars annually on animal testing - not to mention, more than $16 BILLION dollars of US taxpayer money goes to animal testing every year, despite its ineffectiveness. Scientists have already developed humane methods that are far more reliable [and not to mention, a hell of a lot cheaper!] such as: DNA chips, stem cell, autopsy, MRI, CAT and PET scans, computer modell, microdosing in humans, epidemiology, microfluidics chipsi, human DNA, cells, and donated organs+tissues. …and lastly, scientific fraud is a crime."

Based on this statement, it seems like Kat is against ALL animal testing — cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and medical.

I'm fact-checking her claims about drug testing and efficacy; I'll report back on that as I'm able to verify. For now, drugs and cosmetics are two VERY different things — just ask the FDA — and they're subject to very different testing standards. So it's a bit misleading to talk about how drugs supposedly fail animal tests in order make a point about makeup.

That said, Kat practices what she preaches. Her beauty brand is cruelty-free, and will be 100% vegan by 2017. She's always championed other brands that don't test on animals — she calls out Too Faced, NARS, Sugarpill and Besame Cosmetics as being cruelty-free AND awesome.

What do YOU think about this? Do you prefer to shop cruelty-free brands?

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