While everyone was in tizzy over the recent shoot for the relaunch of Kat Von D Beauty's Saint + Sinner perfumes, Kat casually revealed that there's another product joining the Saint + Sinner family. 

No, I'm not talking about the eye shadow palette. In fact, this new launch isn't even beauty related.

Kat took to Instagram to reveal her design drafts for a potential set of Saint + Sinner CANDLES.

As a long-term Kat fan who owned the Saint + Sinner perfumes — and as someone who likes to have at least 10 candles in the house at all times — color me PSYCHED.

And the packaging she has in mind sounds absolutely bonkers in the best way.

Her photo caption reads:

"I think laser-cutting this design into negative space would be so nice. As the candle melts, the flame would light up this design through the class. Yay or nay?"

YAY. Abolutely yay. Is that even a question?

Of course, both candles would smell just like their respective Saint + Sinner perfume counterparts.

Which were discontinued years ago, but are thankfully making their triumphant return to stores later this year.

And if the new fragrances smell anything like they did back in the day, we're in for a treat.

kat von d saint and sinner perfume
photo: Kat Von D Beauty

Based on the scents of the old perfumes, we know that the Saint candle would be a sweet blend of sage, plum, florals, cedarwood, vanilla, and peach. Meanwhile, Sinner would take a darker turn with mandarin, cinnamon, patchouli, and musk.

I want my house to smell like all of these things.

So come on, Kat, give the people what they want: Candles. What's more goth than candles?

I'm begging you.

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