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photo: Courtesy of Kat Von D

Kat Von D Beauty fans, strap in — the brand just launched a surprise collection that's making us wish it were fall already. Yesterday, the brand quietly announced the Studded Kiss Crème Lipstick Capsule Collection, comprised of six brand-new matte lipstick shades.

The collection is already available online, but if you like to swatch stuff in person at a brick-and-mortar location, you'll be able to find this collection in Sephora stores starting today, July 26. Each shade is available to purchase individually, so we've rounded up every single one below. Happy shopping!

Say hello to the new Studded Kiss Crème Lipstick Capsule Collection!

kat von d fall lipsticks
photo: Instagram/katvondbeauty

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The surprise collection of lipsticks features Kat Von D Beauty's beloved, cult-favorite Studded Kiss cream formula in six never-before-seen shades. Clockwise from the top left corner, the shades in the snapshot above are Eggplant, Deep Teal, Marigold, Pumpkin, Greige, and Deep Russet. Shop each individual shade below.

Deep Russet ($20, Kat Von D Beauty)

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Deep Russet's name is pretty self-explanatory — it's a deep, muted red with burnt orange undertones, perfect for any season, but especially for fall. Oh, and we should mention that every shade in this collection has a special lipstick print on the inside tube. Cute!

Deep Teal ($20, Kat Von D Beauty)

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Deep Teal might seem a little out-there for a lipstick shade to many, but what better time is there to experiment with a new, bolder look that the present! None, we say! Pair this muted, fall-friendly blue shade with a clear gloss over top to really make it stand out in the crowd.

Eggplant ($20, Kat Von D Beauty)

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If you're the type who can't live without a dark, dramatic statement lipstick — even in the hot months when brights and neon reign supreme — Eggplant is going to be your favorite shade in this fall-centric bunch. Its berry-toned hue is so dark, it might as well be black.

Greige ($20, Kat Von D Beauty)

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The lightest and most tame shade in the bunch, Greige combines a pink-toned nude shade and adds some grey undertones to make it utterly unique. If you like to stay understated but don't want to blend in too much, here's your chance.

Marigold ($20, Kat Von D Beauty)

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Undoubtedly the brightest and most unconventional shade in the pack, Marigold is exactly what it sounds like. And before you go thinking a yellow lipstick would be too much for you, consider placing just a tad of it in the middle of a red or orange lip for a fiery ombré look.

Pumpkin ($20, Kat Von D Beauty)

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Last but not least, Pumpkin is the sole shade you're going to want to wear this fall. Ditch your average reds and deep nudes, because this is the ultimate deep, burnt orange you can wear with just about anything.

So, um... is it October yet?