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This weekend, Kat Von D's namesake beauty brand, one of the highest-selling beauty brands at Sephora and across the nation, pissed a lot of people off with a racially insensitive post to advertise its cult-favorite Lock-It Concealer.

Seeing as this isn't Kat Von D's first run-in with race, people are fed up, and they're making it known. 

After a long spring and summer of beauty controversies, Kat Von D's brand has created one more.

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And though this one was likely completely out of Von D's hands, it's still raising more than a few eyebrows.

photo: Instagram/Kat Von D

This weekend, Kat Von D Beauty's Instagram page reposted a photo from a fan page with the moniker London Fame

photo: Instagram/London Fame

The photo, which was quickly removed from the Kat Von D Beauty page but can still be found on London Fame's feed, depicts a hand holding a Lock-It Concealer against a cotton field background.

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photo: Instagram/London Fame

It wasn't the photo itself that caused outrage, but the caption paired with said photo: "Let Lock-It Concealer do all the hard work for you with instant one-coat coverage."

kat von d cotton field
photo: Instagram/Kat Von D Beauty

Concerned commenters swarmed the post and became furious about its racial undertones.

Those who were maddened by the post took the pairing of a cotton field with the phrase "Let [this product] do all the work" as a nod to slavery — which is messed up regardless of whether or not it was intentional.

Though it was not posted on Von D's personal page and was likely never approved by her, this post was not a good look for the makeup mogul, who's been accused of racism and anti-semitism many times over the past decade.

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photo: Instagram/Kat Von D

In 2008, she was accused by her former boss, Ami James (who is Jewish), of sending him a headshot of herself signed with a hand-drawn swastika and a flaming star of David. She strongly denied these claims. 

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She was once engaged to Jesse James, who has been documented making multiple anti-semitic statements that he claims were jokes.

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She also infuriated fans earlier this year when she announced she wouldn't be vaccinating her child (she's currently pregnant).

photo: Instagram/Kat Von D

That has nothing to do with her past regarding racial insensitivity, we know, but it's something her long-term customers are questioning and criticizing.

Von D's team has yet to release a statement, and that seems to be adding fuel to fans' fires. 

TLDR: Always triple-check what you're saying before you post something, guys.

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