Von D just gave a sneak peek at not one, but TWO Fetish palettes.

The first is a smaller, all-white number that's giving us Saint + Sinner vibes.

A quick peek at the back reveals this one's a highlighter and blush palette.

Von D hasn't created blush in years, and this blush/highlight combo palette is a first for her.

Von D is literally trying to make us all blush with this collection.

photo: Giphy

Another cute detail? The insides are red by the looks of it.

The second palette, we can already tell, is going to be the main attraction of this very NSFW collection.

It's an eye shadow palette with a whopping 24 shades, the names of which we can't believe are legal to put on makeup packaging where wandering shoppers' eyes will see.

If you squint just hard enough at the footage, you'll find names such as Whip, Submission, Cuffs, and the all too apt Sex.

Von D even snuck in the phrase La Petite Mort. That's French for "the brief loss or weakening of consciousness." An orgasm.

photo: Giphy


But of course, excitement about Kat Von D Beauty's latest releases has declined severely since Von D announced she won't be vaccinating the baby she's currently expecting with husband Rafael Reyes.

Even after clarifying she isn't an anti-vaxxer and just has "hesitancies" about certain vaccines, longtime customers have still decided to boycott her brand altogether.

"It’s unfair for anyone to expect me [or any parent] to take the word of the pharmaceutical companies who have much to gain from and industry worth billions without question — and then have to dismiss any concerns of my own," she wrote on Instagram last month.

As many have pointed out, this does not change the fact that avoiding vaccination will put her child and the children he interacts with a high risk of developing potentially fatal illnesses. It will also, thanks to California law, severely limit his options for both lower and higher education his entire life.

These frustrations are clear to see in Von D's and makeup bloggers' Instagrams, where comments like this one come a dime a dozen:

But that won't stop Von D's hardcore fans from swooning over her gorgeous packaging anyway.

Von D says the Fetish collection — yes, there might be a few other products in store for us — is due this holiday season.

Prices are still TBD.