We've had our eyes on Kat Von D's Fetish collection for months. Finally, almost a year after revealing the first sketches for the slew of new KVD Beauty products, we have a release date. PRAISE BE to the makeup gods.

Over Labor Day weekend, Kat took to Instagram to showcase the swoon-worthy products in her new collection: an eyeshadow palette, a highlighter and blush palette, and — much to everyone's surprise — a lip kit with a new, exclusive shade.

Last December, Kat revealed some of the sketches she was working on for an upcoming collection called Fetish.

It was what BDSM dreams are made of.

Months later, in July, she gave us a glimpse at the packaging for the Fetish eye shadow palette and the Fetish highlighter and blush palette — a first for KVD Beauty.

Despite the backlash for Kat's anti-vaccination comments, people have been anxiously awaiting the release of these products.

After almost a year of waiting, we finally know what to expect from the highly anticipated collection.

First up, the highlighter and blush palette. The packaging is just as beautiful as we expected: It comes in a brilliant rose gold hue and has (what looks like) an embroidered logo.

The shades inside are just as gorgeous. There are three highlighter shades (two of which are new) — Telepathy (new), Magick (new), and Roseshock — and three brand-new blush shades — Coven (lilac), Salem (tangerine), and Bathory (fuchsia).

These sultry blush shades look good on every skin tone, and the highlighters are an actual cosmic dream. It retails for $43.

Oh, and the shade names themselves are pretty juicy as well: Deviant, Latex, Cuffs, Knotty, Kink, Rope, Shibari, Rubber, Dominatrix, Nylon, Whip, Obsession, Le Petite Mort, S&M, Safe Word, Blindfold, Sex, Corset, Fixation, Bondage, Suspension, Chastity, Submissive, and Stiletto.

The limited-edition palette retails at $63.

These fans summed up our thoughts best.

Just take our money already.

photo: Fox

But wait! That's not all. There's another part of the collection we didn't know about until now: Fetish Everlasting Liquid Lipstick.

It features three best-sellers and one brand-new exclusive shade.

And most important, the entire collection will be available in Sephora stores, at sephora.com, and at katvondbeauty.com on September 27!

That is SO SOON.

In other words, Kat Von D is giving us an early Christmas gift.

photo: TLC


Get your wallets ready.