Glitter-lover, rejoice: Kat Von D has done it again. Last night, the Kat Von D Beauty team revealed the most sparkly, magical makeup swatches we have EVER seen.

But in a massive twist, KVD Beauty only teased the colors — we still have NO IDEA what this product actually is. *cue dramatic music*

So naturally, internet beauty detectives scrambled to solve the mystery. There are multiple crazy fan theories about these sparkly swatches — but only we've figured out what they REALLY are.

Let's walk through the theories, one by one.

Theory 1: These are pressed glitter eye shadows.

Although most people (myself included) immediately think "eye shadow palette" when met with entire batch of bright swatches like this, that's definitely not what's happening here.

Kat Von D Beauty JUST released an entire line of Metal Crush eye shadows ($21, Sephora), which are also glittery and metallic — but they look nothing like these mystery swatches on skin.

Observe KVD Beauty's Metal Crush metallic shadows in action.

The consistency of the mystery swatches is WAY too thick, pigmented, and shiny to be a powder shadow, and the swatches are way too defined to be a cream. So we can safely rule out a shadow palette.

Theory 2: Kat's making a glitter lip topper.

A couple days ago, Kat reposted this photo from her vice president of product development, Nancy McGuire, and it reveals the COMPLETE Everlasting Love Liquid Lipstick line — with all 26 brand new shade additions. The swatches Kat and her team were teasing COULD be some of these new colors, with a glittery gloss layered on top like icing on a glamorous goth cake. 

But Kat's Liquid Lipsticks are incredibly bright and opaque — whereas the mystery swatches are bright but sheer.

kat von d liquid lipstick swatches
photo: Kat Von D Beauty / Instagram

That makes it really unlikely that the mystery swatches are a new product layered overtop of the existing one — this has to be an entirely new, sparkly, slightly more sheer formula.

Besides, Kat's already released a lip topper — and you know girl isn't about to do the same thing twice.

So this theory is busted.

Theory 3: An entire line of glitter-infused liquid lipsticks is on its way.

Don't be distracted by Kat's flawless eye makeup — instead, direct your attention to the bottom of this photo, right in the middle, underneath her tattooed arm.

There are MULTIPLE tubes of what look like liquid lipstick there — I can see pink and bright blue for sure.

If these were eye shadows, they'd be in pans, and if this was a lip topper, there would only be one tube. But there are several shades of sparkly magic there, and so I say with confidence: Babes, prepare yourself for sparkly, metallic lipsticks.

(Important side note: That paper underneath Kat's arm also reads "New Brow Collection," so there might be some more Tattoo Brow pens ($19, Sephora) or an entirely new brow product on the horizon.)

It looks like Kat is going to bless us with 10 shades of glittery, metallic liquid lipsticks.

kat von d beauty instagram story
photo: Kat Von D Beauty/Instagram

It isn't official yet, but I'm sure we'll hear more soon. These could be a limited set set of lipsticks (possibly for KVD Beauty's anniversary?), a permanent edition to the Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks, or a completely new line.

Whatever it is, Kat, we're psyched.

I will be here, waiting patiently to throw my money at any and every thing you've got up your sleeve. 

What do YOU think this mystery product is? Will you buy it? Tell us in the comments or on our Eyeliner Addict Facebook page!