There are few people on this Earth who can do what Kat Von D can do with eyeliner. From the ultra precise Tattoo Liner to the uncontrollably wild Basket Case Liner, Von D's done it all.

Well, almost all of it. There was one very small gap in her eyeliner portfolio, but she's about to fill it.

Von D just revealed Lash Liner, a brand new eyeliner formula that's specifically for your inner lash lines.

According to Von D's Instagram caption, this is a final prototype — that means this sucker is coming pretty damn soon.

"I’ve been working on this formula for years and it’s finally real!" she wrote. "This is the FIRST EVER LONGWEAR LIQUID #VEGAN FORMULA — created specifically for your inner rim lash line. The formula is applied wet, and dries down to the most budge-proof opaque black."

And because she's the master of makeup teasers, she shared a photo of it in action, too.

Even if you don't like wearing makeup in your lash lines, this makes the whole concept pretty alluring, no?

So catch us refreshing the Kat Von D Beauty Instagram page for until that release date drops like:

photo: Giphy

C'mon Kat, we need this.

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