kat von d lolita palette
photo: Kat Von D Beauty

Ladies and gentlemen, it's here. Kat Von D has just given us the first official look at her upcoming Lolita palette... and it looks absolutely stunning.

Cast your minds back to May 2017, when Kat low-key revealed the existence of an upcoming Lolita palette... in an Instagram comment.

As you definitely already know, Kat Von D's Studded Kiss lipstick in Lolita has been the most popular lip color at Sephora since 2015.

kat von d lolita
photo: Kat Von D Beauty

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Lolita ($19, Sephora) is described as a "satin-matte chestnut nude." It's so popular that you can also buy Lolita II (a slightly warmer terracotta nude) and OG Lolita (the original dusty rose shade).

Lolita is also available as an Everlasting liquid lipstick ($20, Sephora) and as a blush / eye shadow single pan combo product.

So the Lolita family is already pretty big. And this palette makes it even bigger.

Mere MOMENTS ago, Kat gave us the first official look at the Lolita eye shadow palette — and it's so. freaking. gorgeous!

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This is the artwork for the outer, hard-shell palette case... and I have never seen anything this detailed.

If I had to guess, based on the shading, this will be a plastic case similar to the Shade + Light glimmer palette, with 3D raised lettering (and possibly scrolls, but that's TBD). It's definitely going to be black, possibly with Lolita's signature red-brown color accents. It's going to have between eight and 12 shadows inside — this drawing makes it seem like this is long and thin like Serpentina, but bigger overall than Pastel Goth.

So what can we expect from the INSIDE of the palette? Only time will tell — but as always, I have some guesses.

kat von d lolita
photo: Kat Von D Beauty

I cannot handle the fact that part of my job is literally to ~speculate wildly~ about beauty products, but here we are.


If I had to put a million dollars on this launch, I'd bet that it's going to be a Kat Von D take on a warm-neutral palette. Think Naked3, but all based around Lolita's rosy-brown instead of pale pink.

There's obviously going to be a Lolita shade of shadow — that's obvious. There will probably also be co-ordinating Lolita II and OG Lolita shades in the palette, but with the slight differences in shade enhanced to make them easily distinguishable (this would make the Lolita II shade way more orange, and the OG Lolita shade much more pink).

There will probably be a "base" shade, and it's going to be off-white. The day beauty brands learn that not everyone wants to blend to their browbone with a nearly white shadow will be a GREAT one, I'm telling you.

There will probably be a light pink-brown shade for a subtle crease and for blending.

There will be a terracotta shade.

There will probably be a deeper warm brown to REALLY take that crease to 11.

And then there's going to be a really dark shade to create smoky eyes. Maybe it'll be a red-black. Maybe it'll be the black from the Glimmer palette, but with flecks of Lolita-pink shimmer this time.

And why not dream? Let's also add a lil pop of Lolita shimmer into this palette, a la Serpentina.

How does that sound to you guys?

One way or another — Kat's going to show us more soon.

kat von d lolita
photo: Kat Von D Beauty

At least, we really hope so.

Give us a lab sample peek, Kat! We're begging you!

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