When Kat Von D started teasing her all new Mini Metal Matte palette, the beauty world freaked RIGHT out.

But as more details about the teeny tiny palette become available, Kat's fans are getting increasingly frustrated.

As a refresher, here's what the Mini Metal Matte palette looks like on the inside.

The Mini Metal Matte Palette launches December 12 on Sephora and the Kat Von D Beauty website for $39. The limited-edition palette has five of Kat's "favorite" matte shades and five shimmer shades from Kat Von D's original Metal Matte palette, all in travel-friendly packaging. 

($39, Kat Von D)

Swatches of the palette finally dropped late last night on Instagram, and fans do NOT seem impressed.

For starters, people think it's way too overpriced. 

"The price point on this blows my mind. How is a mini $39? Shrink it to 8 shades and price it at $29 and I would be game."

$39 for a miniature palette is *a lot* of money.

"Kat now you know this is $25 at best."

They feel that the shades are honestly kind of basic.

"This looks basic AF. Most people already have those shades in other palettes and that yellow eye shadow looks like banana powder."

Harsh? Or true?

After a year in which Kat's launches consistently surprised us, many say this palette feels... boring.

"Please stop with the boring shit Kat."

But hey — 2018 is on the way, and Kat has already hinted at some REALLY amazing new products on the way.

You've still got us on the hook for those rainbow brow gels, Kat.