kat von d

Praise be to the Goth Queen.

photo: Kat Von D/Instagram

Kat Von D, queen of the beauty surprise, is about to launch her shiniest product yet: a literal RAINBOW of metallic lipsticks.

Oh yeah. We called it.

Earlier this year we got a sneak peak at a new mystery lipstick shade from Kat Von D's Artistry Collective team, and we went nuts trying to figure out what it was.

Kat Von D Beauty's vice president of product development, Nancy McGuire, shared this photo of Kat's team sporting super-shiny metallic blue lips — along with the hashtag #comingsoon.

Shortly after, Kat Von D Beauty teased these glittery swatches — many theorized it was a new eye shadow palette, but we knew they had to be lipsticks.

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Just look at the third shade from the bottom. Now look at the last picture I showed you. Exact match.

And it turns out we were RIGHT — Kat revealed a slew of long-wear metallic lipsticks that she called "Glimmer Veil" not long afterward.

McGuire's posted even more arm swatches, too — and it looks like a new, metallic-gold shade has been added to the mix!

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Now, Kat's Artistry Collective team are posing in lipsticks they'e calling "super secret."

And each shade they've posted so far matches those original swatches precisely.

So we just KNOW they must be the Glimmer Veil lipsticks Kat was talking about.

It even looks like the formula has been improved even more since we saw those first teasers.

Seriously, though, the official reveal of this product could not come soon enough.

Now that we've seen a handful of these metallic liquid lipsticks in action, we're DYING to see the rest of them.

Bring it on, Kat.

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