Even though 2016 has been a complete trashfire, Kat Von D has had the best year ever. She's undergone a major makeover, debuted game-changing lipsticks, and released makeup so good that it literally broke Sephora.

And she's not done yet. Now Kat is revealing some truly amazing things about her most ambitious beauty release yet — and it's coming sooner than you think.

Last week, Kat teased her loyal beauty devotees with a sneak peek at her brand new PASTEL GOTH palette!

And even if you're a dedicated monochrome bitch like me, and are usually like...

photo: Giphy

...Kat promises you're still going to be ~transformed~ by the awesomeness of her new release.

During a Facebook Live event with Too Faced co-founder Jerrod Blandino, one of Kat's fans asked what we can expect from the upcoming Pastel Goth palette — and got the most shocking answer.

Off-camera, Kat's team told her that the Pastel Goth palette is coming out SOMEWHERE between the end of January and beginning of February.


Not only that, but professional swatches of every shade in the pastel palette have been shot — and are almost ready to drop.

These are KVD Beauty's official swatches of the Alchemist palette. They're INSANELY gorgeous — so not only am I excited to see the shades in the Pastel Goth palette, I'm stoked to check out the way the brand photographs them.

The only other thing Kat would say about Pastel Goth? "It's gonna change your world."

I am so ready for my world to be changed by this, you have no idea.

I'll keep you updated the SECOND I know the exact release date, and as soon as I have swatch info!

photo: Kat Von D / Instagram / my mad GIF skillz

Are you excited to embrace your inner Pastel Goth? What do you hope to see in this palette? Tell me all about it in the comments, or on Facebook!