kat von d pastel goth
photo: Kat Von D / Instagram

Makeup lovers, we have been truly blessed: Kat Von D just dropped a surprise beauty bomb on us, and it's seriously SO AWESOME.

Surprise! Kat Von D's Pastel Goth palette is out RIGHT NOW!

It was supposed to launch on January 10, but waiting is for suckers! We have it today!

The multicolored palette is available EXCLUSIVELY through the Kat Von D Beauty website.

Click right here to buy it now! ($38, Kat Von D Beauty)

As an added bonus, if you spend $50, you also get free shipping!

If it were me, I'd pair this palette with Kat's Tattoo Liner in Trooper ($20, Kat Von D Beauty).

Pastel Goth is gonna sell out SUPER FAST — so run to the Kat Von D Beauty website right now!

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Let me know if you got your hands on this gorgeous palette in the comments, or over on Facebook!