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photo: Kat Von D Beauty

Kat Von D Beauty fans, listen up — there's a new product afoot. Kat Von D herself just posted a teaser for a product that could literally be anything, and now fans are playing a major guessing game trying to figure out just what it is.

On Thursday, Von D shared a snapshot of an empty custom component shaped just like a rose — it's entirely matte black, of course, because this is Kat Von D we're talking about here. Fans and beauty sleuths alike are now flooding her comments with some pretty valid guesses about what product the new unit might hold. We've got our own suggestions to add, too.

Kat Von D is kind of on a roll these days.

Despite having to address you-know-what rumors on YouTube recently, she's just celebrated some awesome landmark moments. Her tattoo shop High Voltage Tattoo in Hollywood just celebrated 12 years of service, she just launched a new mascara with her beauty brand, and she's right on the verge of launching her first-ever shoe brand.

Her brand just launched its first mascara in years with a hugely impressive campaign face.

Jackie Cruz — who you probably recognize as Flaca from the hit Netflix series Orange Is the New Black — stars in the campaign for Go Big or Go Home, the first mascara Kat Von D Beauty has launched since its early days. It's entirely vegan and claims to volumize lashes to the max.

And Von D's not slowing down anytime soon — she already has more new mystery launches hidden up her sleeve.

On April 4, Von D shared this photo to her personal Instagram page. The caption read, "Guess what new @katvondbeauty product is going inside this black flower compact component I designed!" Mere moments after the post, fans flooded her comments to make their own assumptions.

Many fans and followers immediately suspected the component was designed to hold a cream blush formula or something else cream-based.

kat von d flower product
photo: Instagram/thekatvond

"Cream blush?" questions makeup artist and influencer Ida Ekman. "Love the packaging." 

So do we, girl. And a cream blush formula doesn't sound like that far of a reach for Kat Von D Beauty, which already stocks a full arsenal of its own pressed powder blushes.

Other possibilities fans tossed in included eye shadow singles, highlighter, and gel eyeliner.

kat von d flower product
photo: Instagram/thekatvond

Now, as Certified Kat Von D Experts, we're not all too sure Von D will be changing the packaging of her single eye shadows all too soon — and highlighter's never really been her thing, so in her eyes, it might not warrant such a major makeover.

Now, eyeliner on the other hand? That's a possibility. A new gel formula would look rather pretty sitting in that flower container.

How about a solid perfume? That's what this fan hopes the new product will be.

kat von d flower packaging
photo: Instagram/thekatvond

That floral packing just seems all too perfect for a solid perfume launch — maybe Von D is working on a new version of her Saint and Sinner fragrances? That would have to mean that this packaging comes in both black and white, though.

My personal favorite suggestion is this one for loose pigments.

kat von d flower packaging
photo: Instagram/thekatvond

Loose pigments are insanely versatile depending on the shade, but they're extremely hard to keep contained. If Von D decided to release her first-ever foray into loose pigments, that floral component would be a surefire way to keep them looking pretty while avoiding a major mess.

If it's not a loose pigment, we wouldn't be shocked if it turned out to be a gel eyeliner or a new solid fragrance.

Whatever it is, it appears to be inspired by Von D's very own all-black flower garden.

kat von d flower packaging
photo: Instagram/thekatvond

Von D has been planting, growing, and cultivating an entire garden full of only black plants for years, and it's earned her quite a bit of fame on Instagram from non-beauty aficionados. Maybe she's taking inspiration from her own floral habits with this new product? Either way, it's super pretty.

Unfortunately, Kat Von D Beauty's registered trademarks don't give much away as to what this new product might be.

kat von d trademarks
photo: Justia

Usually, you can look up a brand's trademarks and get all sort of intel about what launches are approaching — but the only names licensed to Von D's LLC that have yet to be released are these "Like You Mean It" titles, which she's had registered for years. We're very doubtful these have anything to do with the new mystery flower component, but hey, you never know!

So while we all ponder this product release over the next few weeks, Von D is probably sitting at home like:

photo: ABC

Sigh. But the mystery is just a part of all the fun, right? We're sure Von D will be dropping whatever this flower component contains when we least expect it, and we'll be kicking ourselves if we didn't see this product coming. Stay in the know, folks — something cute is coming.