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Kat also said the palette is inspired by a stained glass window she once saw in a cathedral, and it shows.

Going by the first four shades alone, these shadows are going to have gorgeous jewel tones, intense pigments, and a whole lot of glitter. UGH, yes. 

We can't see any packaging details from McGuire's post, but as it goes for all of Kat's products, we're in for intricate, hand-drawn designs from the creator herself.

Kat outdid herself with the holographic Alchemy palette, so what could she possibly do next? Transparent, colored packaging to imitate stained glass, perhaps? Elaborate sketches of angels and demons? BOTH?

But we DO know the palette will launch with the return of Kat's discontinued Saint and Sinner perfumes!

None of these things have official release dates, yet, but you can expect them before the end of the year. 

So whenever you're ready to hit us with the rest of the details, Kat, we're ready.

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