Gather around, beauty junkies. Drama is about to ensue.

And it's not just any drama — it's Kat Von D drama. So you KNOW the tea is about to be hot.

This is Kat Von D Beauty's bestselling Shade + Light Eye Contour palette.

And THIS is the Makeup Revolution Ultra Eye Contour Light & Shade palette.

They're, uh, very similar.

kat von d makeup revolution
photo: Sephora/Ulta

So much so, that the only key difference between the two is their respective price points. Kat Von D's Shade + Light goes for $48 at Sephora, while Makeup Revolution's Light & Shade is a $15 Ulta exclusive.

Kat noticed the striking resemblance, and she was NOT happy about it.

She posted this side-by-side comparison on Instagram with the caption

"Hey @makeuprevolution — I don't remember the tails being this heavy when I first got this coat. #cheapass #bootleg #comeupwithyourownshit #lazyfucks #morelikemakeupripoff"

She even went so far as to write the brand a nice little note on Twitter, to which Makeup Revolution has not yet responded.

But while it's clear that Kat's brand got duped — as in duplicated — her fans and customers want her to calm the hell down.

And while many quickly rushed to defend her work and validate her feelings of frustration over cheaper duplicates...

Most pointed out that Kat's products aren't affordable for everyone, hence the need for inexpensive knockoffs in the first place.

After all, Makeup Revolution is a brand known for making affordable versions of high-end makeup.

Plus, Shade + Light is a neutral-toned eye shadow palette — Kat didn't exactly invent that concept.

Her followers didn't think social media was the most professional place to express this grievance, either.

Ironically, by bringing this up at all, Kat introduced a cheap alternative to all of her fans that many are going to take advantage of.

And accidentally created the beauty meme of the century in the process.

Seriously, this is the new "you vs. the man she told you not to worry about."

So, what do you think? Everyday dupe or artistic theft?

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