We were already pretty stoked about Kat Von D's Mini Studded Kiss Rock Candy set. The colors! The candy-colored cases! What's not to love?

But now, we're even MORE excited — because Kat just announced that these lipsticks represent the beginning of something totally huge.

Kat casually announced on Instagram that the Rock Candy minis will be the debut of a brand new Studded Kiss lipstick formula.

That's right! The entire line of Studded Kiss lipsticks is about to be revamped with a new, even better formula. All 40 of them.

This new formula has been in the works for an entire year, and they've changed a LOT.

Kat's caption reads:

"So, this is what you guys can look forward to experiencing with the new formula: Intense pigment, smooth glide [no dragging!], full coverage, all-day wear, delicious creme brûlée fragrance we already love so much. And of course, like always this is a #crueltyfree and 100% #vegan formulation."

And there are new shades on the way!


The Mini Studded Kiss Rock Candy set will drop on April 11, and the rest of the new and improved Studded Kiss lipsticks will drop at some point this year.

So if you want to try the new formula before everyone else, you'll have to get your hands on this limited-edition set.

We're not sure how much it'll cost yet, be we do know where you'll find them: Kat Von D Beauty and Sephora

Leave it to Kat to always strive for perfection — and to reveal such a massive project without a moment's notice.

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