Kat Von D revealed three new products on her makeup company's Instagram account. We know two of them are vaults...

...and that's about it. 

Cue MAJOR internet speculation.

Social media erupted last Friday when Kat Von D's team uploaded a video to Instagram teasing a brand new, absolutely MASSIVE beauty vault.

If you're new to the lingo, a "vault" is a special collection of related products, all packaged together in one super limited edition case.

But that wasn't enough: the brand decided to play with the beauty world's emotions and drop ANOTHER vault teaser.

What about this "love letter/envelope clutch" vault? What's in this?!

The internet could not maintain its chill.

THEN, just when we couldn't contain ourselves, Kat Von D Beauty revealed its new "wax seal" mirror. Talk about an emotionally exhausting day for Instagram.

Will the vaults come with this long-handled mirror?! Is this a stand-alone product? HOW CAN I GET ONE OF THESE?!

Unfortunately for the impatient internet, Kat Von D's beauty squad hasn't released any more information on the prices or drop dates of the new vaults.

But naturally, all this mystery won't stop us from imagining what products will be included in Kat's big box of beauty.

A Twitter poll posted by Kat Von D Beauty is perhaps our only official hint.

The Internet seems to think it's going to be a box of everything.

Her Serpentina palette recently rocked Instagram's world. Did this collection of brightly colored eye shadows make the cut?

Fingers crossed!

Or maybe the vaults will include full sets of Kat Von D's "wizard wand" brushes?

A photo posted by Kat Von D (@thekatvond) on

Tell me these babies don't give you some Harry Potter vibes. 

Remember: Kat Von D's only other vault was a lipstick set with an eye shadow wheel. So there's no guarantee that we'll be getting ONLY lips or JUST eyes in each vault.

The "Studded Obsession" vault included the Mi Vida Loca Remix Studded Kiss lipsticks and eye shadow palette. People still freak out over it.

After all, her liquid lipsticks are a fan favorite.

And beauty bloggers swoon over the Shade + Light eye contour palette.

Kat recently announced plans to make her makeup empire completely vegan, so we definitely expect the vaults to include reformulated products.

The Kat Von D Beauty website says any products marked #VeganAlert indicate that the finished product is vegan.

But anything goes until the HBIC confirms the boxes' contents herself.

Please don't leave us hanging much longer, Kat. Because the suspense is killing the internet rn.