The rumors are true: Kathleen Lights, beauty YouTuber extraordinaire, is releasing her very first eye shadow palette.

This palette, a collaboration with internet-famous makeup brand Morphe, is shaping up to be HUGE — and it's easy to see why. Morphe has released limited edition palettes and brush sets with some of Instagram's biggest beauty stars — think Patrick Starr and Manny MUA. And Lights has already shown that she's got that golden touch; her highlighter collaboration with Makeup Geek is still one of their all-time best selling products.

So, back to this eye shadow palette. Kathleen took to Snapchat last night to give us an exclusive look at her new baby — and it's basically everything you ever wanted.

We knew something big was coming when Lights shared this picture on Instagram.

Like I said, this collaboration has been rumored for a REALLY long time — there have been sneaky hints dropped on social media, but no official confirmation. I had almost written the palette off altogether, when Lights dropped the bomb.

"So happy I got to put all my favorite shadows in one place! Some are exclusive to the palette as well!" Kathleen wrote, hinting that she'd be sharing more info — and swatches — on her Snapchat. So dutifully to Snap I went.

Not only did she give us a peek at the exclusive packaging, she also let us know — unofficially — when it launches.

kathleen lights morphe
photo: Kathleen Lights / Snapchat
According to Kathleen, the palette — containing 15 shades of eye shadow — will cost $14.99 (!!!!) and drops online and in stores October 25 at 10am PST. This info was later confirmed by Morphe — so set your calendar alerts, everyone!

She then swatched all fifteen shades, row by row — and they're truly gorgeous.

kathleen lights morphe
photo: Kathleen Lights / Snapchat

The first row contains light neutrals — think shimmery champagne shades, warm mushroom beiges, and metallic bronzes.

The next row has smokier neutral shades.

kathleen lights snapchat
photo: Kathleen Lights / Snapchat

Think inky browns, shiny penny colors, and (naturally) a burgundy-brown. Because red eyes are so hot right now.

The final row contains the true showstopping shades.

kathleen lights morphe
photo: Kathleen Lights / Snapchat

Not only do you have the usable shades — hello, matte gold and black — you also have THAT SUPER SHINY GREEN. Amazing!

Seriously, how amazing are these colors?

This palette looks like it's the perfect combination of wild (green, matte brick) and wearable (shimmery gold, taupe). While some fans have wondered why there weren't more shades of champagne and gold — Lights' signatures — we're basically too busy getting excited to care.

As of right now, I don't know which of these shades are exclusive to Kathleen's palette, and which are part of Morphe's permanent line. I'll update this post as information becomes available.

Morphe then posted the official image of the palette, packaging and all.

Sorry, anyone who was hoping for a hard plastic palette — the Morphe x Kathleen Lights palette comes in satin cardboard packaging, with no mirror. But it's $15. Don't be mad about that.

Sadly, this palette is strictly limited edition — so if you want it, you'll need to grab it IMMEDIATELY.

photo: Giphy

*refreshes Morphe Cosmetics every thirty seconds until next Tuesday*

Will you be buying the Kathleen Lights x Morphe palette? What's your dream beauty blogger-product collaboration?

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