Kim Kardashian announced her new beauty brand literally yesterday, yet it somehow is already facing its first big controversy.

Kim Kardashian posted this promotional shot for her upcoming KKW Beauty contour kit.

The photo appeared on both her Twitter and Instagram accounts.

And followers instantly noticed something about it was... off.

To many commenters, Kim's skin tone appeared much darker than usual.

That would most certainly be the result of photoshop, not makeup.

And a whole lot of users are referring to it as blackface.

Which, needless to say, is racist as all hell.

Kim did not credit the photographer on Instagram, but there's a very good chance this is the work of Marcelo Cantu.

The lighting of the photo looks terribly similar to the rest of his work.

And he is the Kardashians' go-to photographer, after all — he even photographed the promotional materials for the KKW X Kylie Cosmetics collection.

You've heard his name before because he's gotten both Kylie Jenner and Jeffree Star into hot water regarding blackface in the past.

That's because Cantu has a penchant for using blacklights to make makeup appear brighter on camera, but that also cause skin to appear darker — and that's what many consider to be 21st century blackface.

The Kardashians also have a long history of cultural appropriation accusations, especially from the Black community.

They've tried to lay claim to several Black hairstyles, have worn durags and other fashion items created for and by Black people, and have even been accused of stealing intellectual property from Black business owners — all while denouncing racism because they have Black friends and Black boyfriends or husbands.

And this photo of Kim has spurred many arguments about what does and does not qualify as blackface.

Plenty think Kim simply got a tan or point out Kim's Armenian heritage.

But just as many people are convinced otherwise.

What do you think?

Is the the work of unfortunate photoshop, or the next in a long line of legitimate cultural appropriation claims? Tell us on our Eyeliner Addict Facebook page.