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Kim Kardashian has yet another bright beauty-collection idea cooking, and it's going to make her tons of money, per usual. I also argue, here and now, that this collection could be her best-selling one to date. 

The KKW Beauty mogul recently revealed that she's developing an entire bridal collection inspired by the makeup she wore during her multimillion-dollar wedding in Paris, where she married Kanye West in 2014. According to Harper's Bazaar, she recently revealed this news during makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic's Masterclass sessions in Los Angeles. 

An attendee of Dedivanovic's Masterclass asked Kardashian about her all-time favorite makeup look provided by Dedivanovic, and she revealed that it's her wedding day makeup. 

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This is completely surprising because of how carefully Kardashian handled her social media coverage of the wedding. If you remember back to 2014, you'll know she barely shared a thing until magazines snapped up photos of the big event.

Fun fact: Despite being the selfie queen, Kardashian didn't share many photos of her actual 2014 wedding makeup. 

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It's actually a peculiar thing when you think about it. There were absolutely no close-up shots of the glamour queen herself — at least none that were available to the public. Kardashian does plan to change that in the near future in case you've been dying for a real peek at the look after all these years. 

"My five-year anniversary is coming up, so I might have a little re-creation collection in the works," she reportedly shared during the Masterclass.

Kardashian stans, I get it if you've been waiting to exhale this entire time. 

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Mr. & Mrs. Kanye West

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The few images of Kardashian's makeup that did make the internet were taken from side angles, far away, behind her wedding veil, or just in black and white.

The only true makeup shot from that day was this side view Dedivanovic posted on his Instagram with a list of every single product he used on the bride. 

Of course, this was pre-KKW Beauty. There was no contour kit, Ultralight Beam, or Nude Cream lipstick in the lineup for the big Kardashian-West day.

Kardashian literally only wore products by Urban Decay, L'Oréal, and Anastasia Beverly Hills for her wedding.

But I have a pretty strong theory about why she refused to show us the beat up close. 

My theory? It was all just a riddle wrapped in a mystery wrapped in a business move.

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Perhaps Kardashian masterminded this massive bridal makeup collection way back in 2014! It's entirely possible that she could have been withholding the real money shots knowing that KKW Beauty was on its way and that more moolah could be made with a five-year anniversary bridal makeup collection. 

After all, this is Kardashian's THIRD and longest marriage (take THAT, Kris Humphries), and she has four children with Kanye West. After all the slut-shaming and relationship flack she's gotten over the years, it's honestly kind of bomb to celebrate this marriage milestone with more makeup that translates into more money.  

Kim, don't ever let Kanye say you aren't the genius in this union. 

I have so many questions about what this rollout is going to look like! 

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Since Kardashian's previous family-oriented photo shoots for KKW Beauty have been pretty fire, I wonder if West will be included this go-round. We already know he's a big fan of her makeup artist. And if he does appear in the campaign photos, will they be fully dressed, half-dressed, or entirely exposed? (Please. Don't act like all of that isn't on the table.) 

Are they actually going to renew their vows on the same day this bridal makeup collection drops?

Also, I can't skip over the possible new additions to the KKW Beauty product roster. 

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Based on the products Dedivanovic used on Kim K, the mogul could be bringing lashes, mascara, eyeliner, primer, brow products, and even liquid foundation to the KKW Beauty brand!

Who's ready to score bridal glam from Kim K?

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If Kardashian actually does drop a bridal makeup collection in celebration of her wedding anniversary, then prepare to see LOTS of KKW Beauty on brides' glam tables for the remainder of 2019 and beyond.