After Kim Kardashian's massive success with KKW Beauty's contour sticks, fans have been chomping at the bit to know what she'll do next.

Finally, after weeks of teasing, Kim has finally told us what beauty product she'll be dropping next. Hallelujah.

It's official — KWW Beauty's next launch will be concealers.

The masses already had an inkling that concealers were on the way based on this teaser Kim posted to Snapchat a few weeks ago.

kim k snapchat
photo: Kim Kardashian/Snapchat

But she confirmed it during a live Q&A in which she used the concealers underneath one of her contouring kits.

In the video, Kim says she's using a "sample" concealer, aka a prototype her cosmetics lab gave her to test out. 

Based on the look of the sample Kim used, her concealer formula is a potted cream formula.

And although the video isn't very high-quality, the concealer still looks like it blends flawlessly.

Only the best for Kim.

So come on, Kim, give everyone the DEETS.

photo: Giphy

It's what the people want. It's what they NEED.

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