kim kardashian selfie
photo: Getty Images

Back in May, everything we knew about Kim Kardashian — nay, everything we know about beauty, PERIOD — came screaming to a halt. In a now-infamous interview with Vogue UK, Kimmy announced that she was officially "over" contouring, the hardcore makeup look she helped make famous.

Everyone, including yours truly, freaked the hell out over this.

Kontouring is SUCH a part of the Kardashian beauty look — what would the world be without Kim's incredibly sculpted cheekbones and slimmed nose?

But hopefully you didn't throw away your sculpting palettes based on Kim's initial say so: she revealed today that she's officially back on the contouring train.

"I'm back into contour, and think when you've done it really well it definitely helps your selfie," she told E! "It just shows off your features so well."

But here's the twist — She's no longer contouring her face the same way. According to Kim, the baked powder contour look is out; she's using *gasp* CREAMS now.

"I've been a powder contour person for the longest time," she said. "But now I've been into using darker foundations and cream contour. I like a dewier look. My favorite matte pressed powder I used to only use was discontinued, so I have kind of resorted to cream contours."

So there you have it: the kween of kontouring has spoken.

What is your favorite contouring product? I'm more of a powder girl myself, but I want to hear what *you* think. Let me know all your feelings in the comments, or over on Facebook!