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“Thank you. Desi Perkins,” Kim responds.

“Is she gonna do your makeup all the time?” Khloe asks clearly impressed by Perkins' work. But then realizes who she’s talking about and adds “No, she’s, like a beauty blogger.”


“A little more than you normally do, but it’s, like, so pretty,” Khloe adds. “It’s her new eye shadow,” Kim responds.

We recognized that sparkle from a mile away — that's from Perkins' collaboration with Lustrelux for Dose of Colors, which Desi used on Kim in the makeup tutorial that was clearly shot the same day as this "KUWTK" scene.

Perkins' fans naturally freaked out on Twitter after hearing her mentioned on the show, and Kardashian used the opportunity to give her the ultimate compliment.

"LOVED her glam so much!!!," she wrote.

"It was so much fun!!! We gotta do it again sometime," Perkins responded.

Kardashian should take her up on that offer. Perkins has the Midas touch.

See Perkins give Kardashian the glam that got Khloe shook below.