kim kardashian
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It's no secret that the Kardashians edit their photos, and that's clear from the many FaceTune blunders we've witnessed over the years. And with so many resources, and so many cosmetic efforts under their belt, it's a wonder how the family still hasn't mastered the art of Photoshop (and still feel that they need it). 

Well, yet again the family has Instagram up in arms after Kim posted a heavily edited photo of her and some friends. Ahead, check out the highly FaceTuned and unreal-looking photo that's catching a lot of heat.

Yesterday, Kim Kardashian posted a photo with her friends Natalie Halcro and Olivia Pierson. 

The beauty-loving cousins and stars of Relatively Nat & Liv on E! took a visit to see their longtime friend Kardashian, and of course it turned into a photo shoot. But not just any kind of photo shoot — one shot by the young but ever-so-talented North West. The trio displayed their pinched noses, pouted lips, and cinched waists for the world to see in an Instagram post. 

One thing was clear: The FaceTuning was visible. 

And for Halcro, who's often called out for using Photoshop and other photo-editing tools, the extremely contoured nose and high cheekbones really came as no surprise. "What filter is this? The sims 4?" someone commented under Kardashian's photo

Pierson is also a fan of of the digital nip and tuck. 

"Facetune has joined the chat," another person commented on the photo of the friends. "Why they both got cartoon faces?" asked another critic. "Y’all look like imvu characters," said another. Needless to say, the serious editing wasn't received well at all, and Kardashian's photo turned into a roasting session of epic proportions. 

And based on previous photos of the friends, it apears the editing was at an all-time high in that post.

Compared with a photo from Kylie Jenner's 21st birthday, which is visibly a lot less edited than the one posted most recently, we're guessing Kardashian spent a lot of time working on this week's photo. 

"Omg What is happen with Those faces. sorry But This is sooo fakee," someone commented. "Crazy how the 3 of them look the same , natural beauty is long gone," another wrote.

All their selfies come with a little editing, clearly. 

And the result? Three faces that look all but the same and completely unreal. "They all look alike , thought they were wax dummies too," someone wrote. "They don't look like humans anymore. they look like robots," someone else critiqued. 

Even Twitter had to jump on the bandwagon.

Atop the intense editing, there's no denying the harsh highlighting and contouring. "I wish the entire world would chill on the contouring, everyone’s walking around with white triangles under their eyes and stick noses," a fed-up fan tweeted. 

Is this why the Kardashians always blur their photos?

Could the blurry filters be there to conceal the intense edits? Makes sense to us! 

"The photos are always such terrible quality to hide the editing lol. You guys are literally so famous and have blurry photos all the time," a Twitter user said.