Celebs really have it good. Like, think about it: How many times have you wanted to switch up your hair but couldn't because you didn't have either the time, the resources, or the all-around know-how. 

But that's clearly not a worry for Kim Kardashian, who changes her wigs like we change clothes and never keeps the same look for more than a week. And this week, she's rocking a long, wavy, unicorn-colored wig that we just can't get enough of. Check out Kimmy's look, and find out how you can achieve it yourself below.

We can't really think of the last time we saw Kim Kardashian keep one hair style for longer than a week.

She loves to switch it up, and uses luxury wig after wig to do so. Most recently, Kardashian unveiled a seafoam-green hair color that we've never seen her in before. The vibrant mermaid color with hints of silver undertones showed us that Kardashian is clearly ready for summer. 

The dynamic switch-up (like almost all of Kardashian's switch-ups) came from none other than Chris Appleton.

The celebrity hair extraordinaire, whom we can thank for almost all of Kardashian's recent hair styles, is a master of color, extensions, and just all-around healthy and chic styling. 

To celebrate yet another hair color we're seeing Kardashian in, here are eight hair dyes that can give you the same effect. 

Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Fantasy Hair Color in Seafoam Green ($16, Lime Crime)

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Dyed and gone to unicorn heaven! Lime Crime's full-coverage, ultra-conditioning formula delivers magical color results. Vibrant, bold, and darker shades are in the full-coverage range of this dye collection. The formula works best with pre-bleached platinum to medium blonde hair. It adds a tint of color to dark blonde and light brown hair.

Pravana ChromaSilk Pastel in Mystical Mint ($9, Beauty Plus)

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ChromaSilk Pastels color collection is comprised of beautifully delicate shades with long-lasting and vibrant color. This brilliant unicorn color will immediately take your hair to brand-new heights.

Good Dye Young Semi-Permanent Hair Color in Narwhal Teal ($18, Sephora)

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This semi-permanent hair color combines professional-grade pigments with a nontoxic formula that conditions as it deposits ultra-vibrant color. It is unique in that it combines a high-quality cream base, like a hair mask, with saturated, ultra-bright pigments and essential oil. The coloring experience is as self-caring as it is self-expressive. 

ion Mint Semi-Permanent Hair Dye ($6, Sally Beauty)

photo: ion

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ion Color Brilliance Semi-Permanent Brights are high-fashion hair color shades designed to give vivid, boldly intense results. In 20 to 40 minutes, ion Color Brilliance Brights deposits color on pre-bleached natural or color-treated hair. The hues can be applied to pre-lightened hair and natural or colored hair.

Joico Color Intensity in Mint ($10, Amazon)

photo: Joico

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Achieve the same intensity as Kardashian's wig with this professional-grade mint color, packed with nutrients to both bring color to your hair while also treating it with all the vitamins it needs to stay healthy. 

Wella Paints in Mint ($6, Sally Beauty)

photo: Wella
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This long-wear mint dye lasts up to 20 washes depending on the used shade and initial color intensity. You can use multiple colors side by side even without foils as well as mix shades together to design your own shade.

Arctic Fox Neverland Hair Color ($11, Sally Beauty)

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This Arctic Fox color is long-lasting semi-permanent hair color that bleeds less than other semi-permanent brands and contains added conditioners. The dye contains none of the harsh chemicals often found in other dyes, such as peroxide, ammonia, ethyl alcohol, or PPD. All Arctic Fox colors are 100% vegan and 100% cruelty-free, and 15% of all profits are donated to animal-centered charities.

Iroiro Seafoam Hair Dye ($10, Dolls Kill)

photo: Iroiro

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Iroiro Pastel 220 Seafoam Hair Dye will make all your unicorn dreams come true. Look magical AF with this dope semi-permanent hair color that’ll nourish your hair while giving it vibrant, long-lasting color.