Are you running tragically low on contour cream? Do you need to cover up the spider vein on your arm with body foundation? You're in luck — now, KKW Beauty will be sold at Ulta. This follows her KKW Fragrances and upcoming Skim Shapewear line. Is there any part our body that Kim Kardashian doesn't want to commercialize? Sigh. The reality TV and beauty mogul announced the news via her Instagram, but details are slim. Here's what we know so far.

Here's the spectacularly unhelpful announcement.

"I’m so excited to announce that @kkwbeauty will be coming to @ultabeauty this fall!!! Stay tuned for more details," wrote Kardashian on Instagram, as though she really expects us not to obsess over every detail until more info trickles through.

She'll be joining her younger sister's makeup brand at Ulta.

The Kardashian-Jenners really want to dominate every facet of our lives. To that end, KKW Beauty is the second line from the family to join Ulta's roster. In late 2018, younger sis Kylie Jenner's Kylie Cosmetics became stocked at Ulta, and remains the only retailer of her makeup.

KKW Beauty will most likely hit Ulta shelves in time for the holidays.

It would make business sense for Ulta to stock KKW Beauty in time for holidays. Yahoo reports that in a call with investors, Ulta's CEO Mary Dillon confirmed that KKW products will drop "this quarter." Well, "this" quarter would indicate Q3, and it's already almost September, so it would follow that the products may launch at the end of the month.

Ulta will reportedly stock KKW Beauty's hero products.

When we think of KKW Beauty, we think of contouring sticks and the brand's much-publicized body foundation. In that phone call, Dillon confirmed that the KKW Beauty's "most iconic" products will be stocked at stores; the full Ulta line will consist of 57 products.

KKW holiday kits are coming!

Yahoo also included this juicy tidbit in its report: KKW Beauty is also releasing two holiday collections that will be exclusive to Ulta. Usually brands release one kit, but KKW is releasing two, because you can't possibly have enough bronzer in your life!

It's a huge business gamble for Ulta.

Earlier this week, sales reports from Ulta revealed that the company is experiencing declining sales. That was a huge shock to those of us who write about and participate in the beauty industry. It seems like there's always a new beauty launch or brand on the horizon. But as CNBC explains, consumers aren't excited by recent makeup innovations, and are increasingly purchasing products from online-only retailers, like Glossier and Dermstore.

In any case, Ulta is sure to make a lot of $$$$$$$ with KKW.

I mean, they're certainly not going to lose money. Kardashian boasts a following of over 147 million followers on Instagram. That's a lot of potential cosumers, who maybe haven't purchased KKW Beauty from the site because they can't see or test the product. Will this be the boost that Ulta needs going into the holiday 2019 season? Maybe!

Will you cop any KKW Beauty at Ulta? Let us know!