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Within just the last few weeks, Kim Kardashian has really marketed her new KKW Body fragrance, taking selfies covered in plaster and  debuting a NSFW perfume bottle inspired by said mold of her body. It's working: Despite the fact that we don’t know what it smells like, we've been talking about the perfume nonstop — and there's already been drama surrounding the packaging of the scent.

The iconic French fashion brand Jean Paul Gaultier designed a similar bottle in the early ‘90s called Classique, so the brand had a tongue-in-cheek response to rumors Kardashian’s design is a copy. 

The brand posted an image of its Classique fragrance with a caption that said, "Keeping up with the fragrance's news." 

Obviously the phrasing was a reference to the show "Keeping up with the Kardashians" and the accusations Kardashian copied the brand's design.

Still, although the shape is undoubtedly similar, the JPG bottle appears to be a tinted glass with a bodice, while Kardashian's is opaque with nipples and a belly button. Regardless, it does seem like the brand doesn't seem that hurt by Kardashian's design, since the post was done in jest.

The brand even posted a #throwback sketch on its Instagram page of the product. 

Definitely a lot less plaster.

Kardashian is now commenting on the accusations, too. "Sculptures were my inspiration, but I love that bottle," Kardashian told Cosmopolitan.

"It's iconic and celebrates the woman’s body, but my inspiration was a statue," she continued. "I wanted [mine] to be really personal with my exact mold, but I’ve always loved the Gaultier bottles." 

So despite the criticism, it seem like there's no bad blood between the two brands, even though both are clearly aware of the similarities. Hopefully, that'll cause a ceasefire between the Instastans for now. 

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