Oh my god, it's finally happened: Kim Kardashian, patron saint of the so-sharp-I-could-cut-myself-on-it major makeup look, is officially "over" contouring.

I know, I can't even write that without feeling a tremendous disturbance in the beauty force — as if a million Anastasia contour palettes cried out in terror, and were silenced.

Speaking at a panel at the Vogue Festival in London on Saturday, Kim told the world she's moving away from her signature Kardashian Kontoured look.

She told Charlotte Tilbury and Fiona Golfar (and a packed auditorium full of fans, natch) that she's DONE with the elaborate makeup look that she helped popularize. "I think right now it's more about nontouring, like real skin with less make-up on it," she said. "I'm trying to wear less... and my husband loves me without make-up."

In fact, she's SO over it that she finds it "hard" to watch the early seasons of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," because of the "crazy hair and bad makeup."

But for better or worse, these looks resulted in a massive sea change in the beauty world — they were the faces that launched a million beauty blogs, for one thing — and established her entire family. So she probably shouldn't hate too hard.

That said, she admits there's one part of her face she'll never stop contouring: her nose. "I know people think I've had a nose job but it really is just make-up!"

Replacing Kontour? Highlighter, and lots of it. "I'm really into strobing now," Kim added. "So just highlighting the skin without using bronzer."

KiKi has been all about strobing for a minute now — she posted a full tutorial with makeup master Mario Dedivanovak earlier this year.

And you'd better get REALLY into 'nontouring.'

Commit this trend to memory. 'Nontouring' is kind of a cross between no-makeup makeup and strobing — it's subtle, shimmery highlight meant to mimic the look of perfect, dewy skin. It's been a bit of buzzword for a few months now, but if Kim is talking about it, it's about to blow up.

Luckily, nontouring is really simple: After applying a sheer tinted moisturizer, apply shimmery highlight to the "high" planes of your face — bridge of the nose, cheekbones, and cupid's bow — gives a soft, pretty glow.

Keep your products cream-based and skip powder altogether for the maximum "oh I just have naturally perfect skin" look.

But don't worry: Kim's "minimal" makeup routine still involves about a million products.

In her "small" makeup case, Kiki has "an eyelash curler, a mini Charlotte Tilbury lipstick in the perfect nude that she created for me, mascara — Charlotte's Legendary Lashes is my favourite — my Joe Blasco foundation, a little MAC kabuki brush, a gold eye pencil by Kardashian Beauty, a small pot of powder, blush and my Smashbox bronzer," she said.

And yes, this is a lot of products — but it's still a far cry from the $1,600, four-hour blendstravaganza that was her former makeup routine.

This could mean major things for the beauty world. Love it or hate it, over-the-top makeup — including major contouring — is an indivisible part of the Kardashian brand.

Instagram-famous makeup artists will have to think of a new name to describe a look like this, that's for sure. #KardashianGlam

So if Kim genuinely is stepping away from the contouring trend she helped make famous, what's going to happen? Will the look die out? Will fans who idolize her epic beauty game step away from her?

There's no way to know. But I'm stocking up on cream highlighters, just in case.