Many Kardashian stans shelled out their coins to get the KKW fragrances, which went on sale November 15. But after having some serious #shippingstruggles, some of Kim's Australian and New Zealand fans have been left scent-less. 

Due to the alcohol content in the Crystal Gardenia ingredients, the perfume can't be shipped to certain countries, according to TMZ. 

The fragrance is composed of "flammable/hazardous" ingredients, which prevented the scents from being shipped by FedEx and other shipping companies. 

Kardashian's team says it didn't know that the perfume couldn't be shipped to those countries, according to a statement given to Business Insider. "We were not informed of this restriction in advance of our product launch, and the issue is now beyond our control," a KKW Fragrance rep said. 

The brand is also working with FedEx to fix the issue and find a "safe way" to send the perfume. It's also "issued refunds" to customers in "restricted areas" that are now ineligible to receive the product.

As of December 8, the KKW Fragrance site has a notice for shipping for customers in Australia and New Zealand.

Although the brand is trying to resolve the problem, customers sounded off about their frustrations with the product.

It got pretty heated in the comments on the KKW Fragrance Instagram, too. 

This was A REALLY LONG complaint. 

One customer called out the company for not checking beforehand. 

However, one customer claimed that their order was indeed shipped to Australia. 

Lucky them?

Although KKW Fragrances is off to a rocky start, here's hoping it does better with the next launch. 

Maybe she could launch a fragrance for just her Australian and New Zealand customers? Just a thought...