KKW Beauty 'Mrs. West' Collection
photo: Instagram/KKWBeauty

A celebrity wedding is basically a national holiday, especially when it's the wedding of two of the biggest Hollywood powerhouses ever. We analyze everything to a tee, including the dress, the hair, the decorations, and of course, the makeup. And that's exactly what happened almost five years ago, when Kim Kardashian walked down the aisle to become Mrs. West. While we obsessed over just about every single detail of that day, what we loved the most was that dreamy beat created by none other than Mario Dedivanovic. 

Now as Kardashian approaches half a decade of wedded bliss, she's launching a KKW Beauty makeup collection inspired by that very day. 

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are household names. 

The pair has become one of the biggest celebrity couples of all time, dominating the Hollywood social scene and creating some of the most beautiful and iconic offspring (ahem, North) of all time. Their union is one that was completely unexpected and has come with quite a few twists and turns, but through it all, their love has stayed strong. 

And their wedding looked like something right out of a fairy tale. 

The 2014 ceremony took place in Florence, Italy, and Kardashian walked down the aisle donning a couture Versace gown with a soft, peachy beat featuring a shimmery neutral eye that brides everywhere rushed to re-create for their own special days. The look is still talked about and is one of the best celeb makeup moments to date.

So as we approach the five-year anniversary of their union, Mrs. West is celebrating in the most appropriate way.

That is, with a makeup collection inspired by her very special day. 

"So excited to announce my brand new #KKWBEAUTY Mrs. West Collection. This collection is inspired by the look @makeupbymario created on my actual wedding day. Launching on KKWBEAUTY.COM on my 5 year wedding anniversary, 05.24 at 12PM PST," Kardashian revealed on her Instagram.

The products are subtle and elegant, just like their star-studded wedding. 

"The Mrs. West Collection by #KKWBEAUTY features a 6-pan eyeshadow palette, a pink nude lipstick, a warm nude lip liner, a blushing nude gloss, a champagne gold highlighter and a mid-tone pink blush all for $100," KKW Beauty shared. 

And though some have said that the product doesn't have enough color, other commenters feel like it's just enough. "She didnt marry in neon eyeshadow or smth. Soft and neutral colors is her aesthetic. There is a lot of colorful stuff out there too," someone commented. 

The collection features a brand-new lipstick. 

"Formulated for a full-coverage & luxuriously creamy wear, Love Crème Lipstick is the perfect peachy pink nude shade. Available for purchase individually for $18 or in the Mrs. West Collection for $100," KKW beauty said about the lipstick shade that bares an uncanny resemblance to Kardashian-West's real wedding day lip. 

And even better? The packaging.

All of the products will be wrapped in packaging with real-life photos from the beautiful day, including images of the bouquet and Kardashian's enormous ring. 

"The Mrs. West Collection features products encased in packaging with photos from @kimkardashian’s wedding day," KKW Beauty said on Instagram.

Kardashian revealed the collection atop a white horse, because OF COURSE.

Wearing a white bodysuit in luxurious pasture, Kardashian and her campaign are bringing back all the feels that we got witnessing her walk down the aisle. 

"The Mrs. West Collection by #KKWBEAUTY is inspired by the iconic look @makeupbymario created for @kimkardashian’s wedding day. The collection is made up of luxurious shades that you can create the most beautiful glam looks with," KKW Beauty said via Instagram.

And, of course, Dedivanovic is getting all the credit.

The makeup extraordinaire, who has basically become a celebrity in his own right, is receiving all the praise for the "iconic look" he created almost half a decade ago, and he played a huge role in the creation of the collection. 

"This is by far one of the greatest looks on kim!" a fan exclaimed. 

Mario, we want a tutorial. 

We're begging for a step-by-step from the makeup guru showing us exactly how to re-create the look ourselves. Because I'm sure we can all agree, whether you're walking the aisle or just looking for an angelic makeup look, this will surely get you there. We'll be tuned into YouTube on the day of the collection's release. 

This is making us ready to take the plunge. 

photo: E! News

So, fellow single folks, our DMs are open, and we are ready for love. But beware, we have grandiose taste and may want Dedivanovic to do our makeup for the big day. Go big or go home, right? 

Check out the entire collection on KKWBeauty.com on March 24.