The internet freaked the hell out when Kim Kardashian and little sister Kylie Jenner announced they had created a line of liquid lipsticks together.

The launch was a massive success, but apparently, something went terribly wrong in the development stage — and no one had any idea.

In the most recent episode of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," Kim revealed she had to make a hard decision regarding the lipstick set.

According to her, 1.4 million lipstick applicator tops had been produced in the wrong color.

And when given the option to have them remade, Kim decided to be eco-friendly and keep the mis-colored packaging as it was.

The production error meant many of the caps didn't match the lipstick tubes.

And that means many of the lip sets received by customers have lipstick with two different color applicator caps. In fact, the one Revelist purchased appears to have three incorrectly colored caps and one cap with the correct coloring.

But the difference between the right and wrong cap colors is so minuscule, it would have been a waste of effort and resources to re-produce them.

So although Kim thought the decision was hard, we know the choice she made was easily the best one.

We hadn't even noticed the flaw until now, anyway.

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