Kim Kardashian has finally announced when her KKW Beauty concealers are dropping — and you've only got a couple of weeks to prepare! 

She's been teasing these concealers for just under a year, giving mysterious tutorials, and wearing unreleased KKW Beauty products for magazine shoots!

Now, the concealer date is here, and fans are shook!

Kim Kardashian dropped this adorable family campaign picture with the release date.

"Concealer Kits coming 03.23 #ConcealBakeBrighten," the caption read beneath this photo of Kim with her momager Kris Jenner and her grandmother Mary Jo.

Yes, that's 3.23 as in March 23. KKW Beauty fans only have TEN DAYS to prepare their hearts, mind, and under eyes for the new concealers. 

photo: Giphy

Is your soul ready?

The concealers are actually going to be released as full kits, according to Allure. Here's every product and shade that will be made available. 

Each kit will have a liquid concealer, baking powder, and brightening powder. 

"I felt like the three-step process was really strong and it's what Mario and I have really perfected for all these years," she told Allure.

The liquid concealers will have 16 shades, while each powder will come in four shades. 

Each individual product will be $18, and bundles will be available for $80.

It also looks like KKW Beauty means for the concealer kits to work on a variety of skin tones. 

Of course only time and real wear will tell, but here's to hoping for the best! KKW Beauty has been criticized for not being as inclusive as it markets itself to be, and there is still opportunity to turn it around.

Fans got their first sneak peak of the concealers in July 2017 when Kim K did a live Facebook Q&A and applied it underneath her KKW Contour Kit. 

She even shared a closer photo of her makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic applying the formula. 

And you have 10 DAYS until you can "conceal, bake, and brighten" like Kim K. 

photo: Giphy

Remember, all concealer products will be for sale on the KKW Beauty website only on March 23. If you're a regular KKW Beauty customer, then you know how the game goes by now. 

You'll have to stay tuned for the specific time the concealer kits launch and then you have to stick and move like an expert so you get the goodies in your cart before they all sell out! 

The countdown has officially begun!

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