kkw concealer
photo: KKW Beauty

The rumors are true. Kim Kardashian's makeup line, KKW Beauty, is launching a new product... and it's concealer.

We've known that a Kim koncelaer range was on the way for a WHILE now — when KKW Beauty launched last year, Kim said that concealers would be one of the first product launches.

And I mean, we've gone through cream contour sticks, powder contour palettes, fragrance, Ultralight Beams gloss and shimmer pigment sets before we got to concealer — but hey, the important thing is that we made it at all, right?

But — of course — makeup fans have already spotted a small issue with Kim's new launch. Literally.

kim kardashian concealer
photo: KKW Beauty

If you missed it, that little vial in Mario Dedivanovic's hand? That's the KKW Concealer.

Have you spotted the problem yet? COMPUTER, ENHANCE!

With this frame expanded by 200 pixels, the issue is clear — this concealer is TINY.

kim kardashian concealer
photo: KKW Beauty

You can clearly see that two of Mario's fingers can cover the majority of the KKW concealer bottle (from base to neck). By any metric, that is a VERY small container.

Zoomed in even closer (and with my expert marking techniques), the issue of smallness becomes even bigger.

kkw concealer small
photo: KKW Beauty / Revelist

The dark purple outline surrounds the concealer bottle, which like the Ultralight Beam glosses and pigments, is made of very thick, clear plastic surrounding the liquid product itself.

Which is a bit of an issue.

The pink dots surround the actual concealer, and based on this, it would appear that you're not going to get much for your money! Based on what we've seen so far, the KKW concealer packaging looks to be the same size and shape and the Ultralight Beam glosses, which contain 0.123oz of product. Compare that to any of MAC's concealer line, which at around $20 will likely be a direct price competitor — almost all of its liquid concealers contain around .3 ounces.

And — would you believe it? — makeup lovers are really, really ticked about this.

A selection of the comments from TrendMood, which posted the concealer screenshot over the weekend:

"Ok but why is it so small"

"That's so tiny!"

"that is the word’s tiniest doe foot it would take me 50 years to put concealer on my face"

"Imma cry bro, what's wrong with her? Why can't she make bigger products like this shit is so tiny and will probably cost around 30+$ omg PASS"

"Byeeee this probably gon come in like 3 shades and be dry"

"I bet even shape tape is more affordable"

"I love kim but that’s the smallest tube ever. Probably wouldn’t even last me two weeks"

No matter what you think of Kim, her beauty line is pretty expensive. And if you want to charge your fans luxury prices for basic products, the quality — and the amount you get in the bottle — has to measure up.

It's possible that this tiny vial is a trial size, or a lab sample — but if it's made its way into official KKW Beauty snaps and IG Stories, odds are that it's the finished product.

We're still waiting on the shade range, and official price info — the Revelist office guesses that each vial of liquid concealer will be between $20 and $30, place your bets — I will update this post when that information is available.