Kim Kardashian West has a little explaining to do for her new released concealer kits

KKW Beauty announced the "diverse" line of 16 concealers with a lovely campaign, starring models with skin tones ranging from pale to deep dark.

However, Kim Kardashian's concealer line was immediately dragged for how her actual concealer shades didn't seem to line up with the diversity promoted in photos. There were few dark shades (but may light ones), and critics were quick to ask "Should that be orange?"

Now, deep-toned beauty influencer Ellarie has finally put a KKW Beauty dark concealer kit to the test on her YouTube channel — and she made some *interesting* discoveries about the brand's latest complexion product attempt.

Ellarie received all of the KKW Beauty concealers ($18, KKW Beauty) in a PR package from the brand.

First things first, she threw a swatch party to find her concealer shade — using her usual Shape Tape concealer ($27, Ulta) as a reference. Can you spot the problem? 

The top two shades are the KKW Beauty 13 and 14 concealers from the brand's dark section. The bottom is Ellarie's usual concealer — Shape Tape in the shade Deep.

The KKW Beauty concealers look incredibly pink and cool against Ellarie's clearly golden brown arm.

"As you can see, there’s a small problem here," Ellarie pointed out. 

"The 13 shade is on the pinky side and it’s pretty cool. I might look cray cray putting that on. 14 is a little on the darker side. I like it to be at least a shade lighter than my skin tone and this one may be too close.”

And there lies Ellarie’s first critique of the KKW Beauty dark concealers: “They don’t have my shade but it’s fine. Can’t satisfy ‘em all,” she said before sipping from a straw. 

The shade is REAL and more importantly — well warranted.

She ended up choosing shade 14 since it was the "closest" she could get. Check out how it looks on her face.

"It's very close to my skin tone," she noted. So much for a "brightening" shade!

When KKW Beauty first announced the concealer kits and people protested the shade range, a huge argument people made for the range not going deep enough is that concealers are "meant to be" a bit lighter than one's skin tone.

Though that's not 100% accurate (some people use concealer to match their skin), Ellarie's video review proved that the KKW Beauty concealers still fall short. If she can't shade match her skin, and she can't brighten, what exactly can she do with these concealers?

Like almost every Youtuber who reviewed these kits before her, Ellarie also noted how little product KKW Beauty offers for the price — and compared the brightening to her go-to Sacha Buttercup baking powder ($20, Sacha Cosmetics).

"I'm not really sure why her portions are so small because I be going through baking powder. I be needing this size jar," she said while holding up the Sacha Buttercup. 

"This ain't gonna last but a couple of months," she said, of the KKW Beauty baking powder. "I need some more."

For reference, the Sacha Buttercup baking powder contains 1.25 ounces of product for $20. The KKW Beauty baking powder jar ($18, KKW Beauty) contains 0.123 ounces.

Still, the small product amount turned out to be the least of Ellarie's worries. Something VERY strange happened with the KKW Beauty brightening powder. 

The powder settled into her face as tiny golden patches, giving the appearance of wrinkles she doesn't even have.

"What is going on? I'm looking real old in the face. I don't know what's happening right now," she said while she beat the powder under her eyes. 

"I'm not sure why this one is settling the way it is." 

As for the brightening powders ($18, KKW Beauty), Ellarie didn't see a single one that would work for her. She completely skipped the orange 4 shade powder meant for dark skin, and settled for the brightening powder in shade 3.

"Kim, why you got me out here looking crazy girl?" she asked after blending in brightening powder 3. 

Check out how the brightening powder looks up close.

She had one word to describe how the powder looked when blended into her skin: Pasty!

"I'm just not compatible with these powders. I'm just not," she said. 

Ellarie decided she wouldn't wear the KKW Beauty concealer, setting powder, or brightening powder again.

"I liked the concealers. They felt good," she said in her final review. "Unfortunately, she does not have my shade. I probably wouldn't wear the shade I have on again because it's too close to my skin tone and it's not warm enough like I like it."

Despite the fact that KKW Beauty flubbed makeup for dark skin AGAIN, Ellarie is still willing to give KKW Beauty a chance in the future — IF Kim Kardashian West ever decides to actually do right by dark skin.

"If she extends the collection and she gets my shade, I'll be able to give you guys a full wear test but I'm not gonna wear the wrong color concealer all day," she said. "Hopefully she extends that liquid concealer shade range."

Welp, there you have it. KKW Beauty has got to do better for deep complexions — and the brand has all of the resources to make that happen.

What's good, Kim!?

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