Kim Kardashian's makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic just pissed off a LOT of beauty fans with his statements about KKW Beauty's non-inclusive shade range.

The conversation started after news dropped about KKW Beauty releasing new contour stick singles ($18, KKW Beauty) with "DOUBLE" the product. 

The brand emphasized on Twitter that it's listened to customers' critiques and requests for new products. "We love all your feedback," the brand wrote online.

The feedback it seems to have responded to was from fans wanting the double-ended contour sticks as singles *and* wanting more product to come in each tube. 

However, KKW Beauty still seemed to ignore feedback about the limited shade range of the contour sticks, which fans have critiqued since the product launched. 

"There's a couple of new shades," one fan wrote about the product offering. "Its [sic] not great, she definitely could have some more shades. The first launch had only like 6 shades." 

For clarity, @carter_cat_ is incorrect about KKW Beauty adding more shades for the new single sticks release. 

The contour sticks from the original kits were double-ended and have all been split into singles for the February 16 release date. 

Either way, Mario Dedivanovic decided to chime into the conversation about the limited shades. 

"How many contour shades could you possible need or use?" he asked the fan. 

"In my 18 years of working as a makeup artist on set with every skin tone imaginable I've always only used a few shades to contour," he continued. "Contour doesn't need to match your skin you just need a deeper shade to blend in." 

There are a FEW issues with Mario Dedivanovic's dismissive statements to the KKW Beauty fan.

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One problem is with Dedivanovic's explanation about how to find the right contour color, which came off condescending as the fan NEVER suggested she misunderstood how contouring requires a deeper shade than your actual skin tone. 

The fan didn't say, "I can't find my shade match in the contour sticks." She merely said there are not enough shades to suit darker skin tones. 

Here's an exclusive image of light-skinned Mario Dedivanovic trying to explain the contour shade needs of dark skin to a darker person: 

Save it, sir.

But the most glaringly problematic and hurtful part of Dedivanovic's explanation was the "How many contour shades could you possibly need or use" question.

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And now for the longer, more sophisticated answer: 

In a world with Fenty Beauty's 40 shades, Huda Beauty's 30 shades, NARS' 32 shades, and the brutal Tarte Shape Tape foundation dragging — how dare you ask "how many shades could you possibly need or use?" 

Fans immediately corrected Dedivanovic's insensitive statements. 

"You realize that there are darker people in the world right? And they want to wear makeup too right? I get that [Kim] is your friend but there are people who exist who the deepest shade [of the contour sticks] wouldn't be a suitable contour shade bc it's too light," one fan noted.

They want him to know he can't just dismiss the MANY people who found fault with the contour sticks.

"Black/African/POC YouTubers and customers have stated that they wish there was more darker shades to contour with! Have you even bothered to listen to the concerns of others?" another fan asked him. 

"She was praising the shade range and you have to bitch about it? 'You just need a deeper shade to blend in' EXACTLY and there are very few complexions out there and very few contour products for those deep complexions." 

NEVER forget how the darkest KKW Beauty contour shade DISAPPEARED as it was blended into influencer Nyma Tang's skin.

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It was a hot mess and it's STILL a hot mess. 

Mario Dedivanovic did return to the Instagram conversation to do some clean-up.

"@carter_cat carter I was replying to you for your tone based on your picture. Meaning you don't need a ton of options." 

But hmm...

Even if you do believe this clarification, Dedivanovic just proved how easy it is for a brand to dismiss its customers of color before truly evaluating what they are saying. 

OF COURSE a KKW Beauty fan critiquing the shade range isn't asking for a bunch of different contour shades to be made for her one face!

She — unlike Dedivanovic and seemingly the KKW Beauty team — was thinking of the people darker than her who cannot find their shade. 

KKW Beauty and other brands in the beauty industry would do better to understand the first step to including darker people of color is to (surprise!) actually listen to them. 

It's interesting how KKW Beauty seems to have listened to critiques from its fans about its products, except for the one about inclusivity. And by interesting, I do mean it's a travesty.

Do better, KKW Beauty. Do better, Mario Dedivanovic. There's really no excuse not to at this point.

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