KKW Beauty Foundation
photo: Instagram/KKW Beauty

Like anything Kim Kardashian does, her recent body foundation launch has been met with quite a bit of criticism. People have described the product as one that encourages women to hate their skin and is downright uncomfortable. For others, however, particularly those with skin conditions, the long-awaited formula couldn't have come sooner.

So when a California makeup artist shared her mom's shocking results after using the foundation, Twitter couldn't help but see the positive ways KKW's latest release may be impacting women's lives. Even Jameela Jamil, who publicly roasted the product, had to agree.


On June 27, a makeup artist shared a touching story on her Twitter page. 

An LA beautifier and KKW beauty fan named Katrina shared her touching personal experience using KKW's newest and most talked about product, the Body Foundation. But it wasn't her who used the product. 


Her mom, who suffers from a skin condition, gave the KKW body makeup a try. 

"This is why i bought my mom the @kkwbeauty body foundation. With my mom’s sickness, she developed a skin condition and she’s been so embarrassed to even wear shorts or dresses out in public. she got so extremely happy after i applied the body foundation and i’m so emotional rn," she tweeted, revealing a before-and-after shot of her mom's legs. 


And Katrina had a message for the critics. 

"This is why i was getting so angry about everyone who was saying this was a stupid product. please be mindful that not everyone has perfect skin/legs/etc. i can’t wait to take my mom out this summer and her not being self conscious about her illness," she wrote, praising the product for what it's done for her mom's confidence. 


The post garnered so much attention that even KKW Body Foundation critic Jameela Jamil reacted. 

The actress apologized for coming off "preachy" during her initial rant last week,and explained that she simply hates that society makes people self-conscious in the first place. 

"Made this. Hope it explains. Sorry your mum has felt so self conscious and would only want her to be happy. I wish all of us could just feel a little less self conscious. Sending love," she wrote along with a video message for Katrina and her mother.


Other KKW fans concurred. 

Many wish the product had come along sooner. 

"I wish this had been out before this year. my mom had open heart surgery and they took veins from her legs so her legs were never the same color again. she would’ve been so happy. she would’ve been able to show her legs off more. i am very happy for your mom it made me cry. hug her for me!" someone responded in Katrina's Twitter thread.


For Kardashian, who suffers from psoriasis herself, the foundation was made with skin conditions at front of mind. 

"For all you sisters that we’re dissing the product. Kim made her body foundation because she has psoriasis and wanted to help others, like this for example. Sit down," someone tweeted to the naysayers. 


So if you don't need more convincing, try it for yourself

According to KKW Beauty, the Skin Perfecting Body Foundation works to blur imperfections, enhance skin tone, and provide a flawless finish. The creamy formula blends evenly and seamlessly into the skin while the silky powders leave the skin with a naturally flawless finish that’s never sticky or heavy. The unique water-resistant formula bonds with the skin to enhance wear while giving off subtle hints of vanilla and coconut.

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