KKW Beautyv Kylie Comsetics Coronavirus
photo: Instagram/KimKardashian

Beauty brands and retailers have been faced with some tough decisions lately. Most notably, whether to shut down amidst the spread of COVID-19. KKW Beauty and Kylie Cosmetics are the latest to announce the stall of distribution for the time being. While the news is disheartening, it's proving a necessary message to help slow the the spread of the virus. 

Check out details on the cancellation of shipments ahead.

With the spread of cancellations of goods and services due to the spread of COVID-19, makeup brands are also hanging up production.

So when Kim Kardashian's KKW Beauty announced that it would be ceasing the production of its sought-after products for the time being, of course Kylie Jenner's Kylie Cosmetics followed suit. The news is upsetting to many fans, but amidst the global pandemic, everyone understands that it's best.

KKW Beauty released a statement to consumers.

"Due to current health orders in California, our fulfillment center is temporarily closing," the brand posted to the website's homepage. "While our website remains available to accept orders, our fulfillment center cannot guarantee delivery dates at this time. Your order will receive top priority as soon as we can resume shipping. For any orders placed on or after March 16, 2020, our return policy has been updated to allow our customers to cancel unshipped orders at any time for a full refund." 

KKW Beauty went on to say that they will keep fans posted periodically about the start up of shopping.

And Kylie Cosmetics followed suit.

Their message echoed the sentiments of its sister brand with the exact same message, ensuring its customers that the moment it's safe for distribution, it will continue. 

We'll continue to keep you updated as beauty brands continue to spread the word about production and distribution.