Take a trip through influencer Kristen Hancher's page and you're guaranteed to see dozens of comments comparing her to Kylie Jenner. The TikTok and YouTube celeb bares an uncanny resemblance to the Jenner sister, and people have taken notice. 

So to give the people exactly what they want, Hancher re-created some of Jenner's most iconic Instagram photos, and they're just about identical. Ahead, check out the four photo imitations that will have you wondering who's who. 

It doesn't take long to guess which celeb influencer Kristen Hancher looks like. 

Those plump lips, tanned skin, and bold wigs have made Hancher Instagram's resident Kylie Jenner doppelgänger. The beauty influencer receives hundreds of comments a day telling her how much she resembles the youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan. 

Hancher already looked a lot like Jenner, but when she actually tried to look like her, the results were downright baffling.

"I made a video recreating @kyliejenner Instagram photos! Click the link in my bio to watch," she said of her attempt at seeing just how close to Jenner's looks she could get. 

"I LITERALLY THOUGHT KYLIE POSTED A PHOTO COLLAGE LMAOAOA," a fan commented. "For a moment I was like why is kylie jenner posting on kristen hancher ig then I saw it was you," wrote another about the resemblance.

In her most recent video, she re-creates four of Jenner's most iconic photos. 

"The thumbnail kinda got me when I scrolled I was like what's the difference that's Kylie then I was like wait that's Kristen no way," someone said in the video comments.

Hancher took us through every step of the creation of the photos — from the makeup, hair, outfits, and her hilarious boyfriend snapping the photos. 

Here's Hancher's take on Jenner with her blue wig. 

Who could ever forget that iconic selfie with the icy blue wig and sultry pose? Girls everywhere tried to re-create the look for themselves by draping their hair in front of their faces and hitting up the sun for a summer selfie. Hancher nailed it.

And then there was that time Jenner casually posed in bed.

Jenner brought new meaning to chilling in bed with this superchic selfie. Hancher was spot-on with the hand placements, hair tossed to the back on one side, raised brows, and smize. The only thing missing were the nails! 

Hancher and Jenner looked almost identical soaking up the sun.

This is what we all wished we looked like when standing under direct sunlight. Even the backgrounds in these photos look similar. Hancher threw on her black wig to channel her inner Jenner and posed it up with an identical bodysuit and matching pose. 

Jenner's sleek bun and red lip weren't safe from Hancher's re-creation, either.

With their buns to the back and collars popped to the sky, we could barely tell the difference between Hancher and Jenner in this side by side. And though this is Hancher's least favorite, we're going to have to say that it's surely ours. 

So what do you think? Are the two twins? Or is Instagram exaggerating?