Kat Von D New Tattoo
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Kat Von D and tattoos are basically synonymous at this point. The formally trained musician turned beauty and fashion maven has stayed true to her roots during her decades-plus-long rise in the industry, maintaining ink on just about all of her platforms and in her brands. And while it's no surprise when she posts her latest ink to her pages, a recent new addition is completely unexpected and has people chatting. 

Ahead, check out the outrageous sleeve that's breaking the internet. 

Long before she was a beauty mogul, tattoos were Kat Von D's thing. 

In the days prior to the rise of Kat Von D Beauty, she was all about the tattoo needle. Achieving stardom from the hit show L.A. Ink, the artist channeled her love for the art into the packaging of all of her brands. 

And now she's adding to her already massive collection: A sleeve to rival all other sleeves.

"I’m so in love with my new blacked-out arm tattooed by @hoode215! Can’t believe it only took him 1.5 hours. And it’s the most consistent true black I have ever seen!" she wrote on Instagram. "I feel so lucky to have @hoode215 guest spotting here at @highvoltagetat and excited to have him come back on a regular basis! Go follow @hoode215 to see the most impressive black work ever!"

After many in her comments expressed disdain over the tattoo's appearance, she shared a powerful response. 

"Having been in the tattoo industry for the greater part of my life, I’ve seen countless tattoos of all types of styles — but NEVER have I felt inspired to tell anyone 'that’s ugly' or 'you’re stupid, she began. "But even though tattoos are an outward expression, they really aren’t for anyone else other than the person wearing it  ...  So to respond to a lot of the noise that clogged up my comment section in my last post: •No, it doesn’t matter that you don’t like the way my arm looks. To each their own. •No, this isn’t bad for my health [but thank you for caring!]. When done correctly, tattoos don’t penetrate past the second dermis layer of skin."

Looks like being inked will always be her first love. 

And we can't say that we're surprised. The art form is a wonderful outlet for expression, and as Von D says, it doesn't harm in the process if done correctly. Not your body, not your business. 

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