Kylie Cosmetics' latest brush set, which costs a whopping $360, isn't even out yet but it's already caused a huge controversy in the beauty community.

As always, YouTubers are out to discover if this product is worth the hype or the money — but this time, we're not so sure who to believe. 

The Kylie Cosmetics Silver Series brush collection reviews are in, and they are VERY mixed.

Manny Gutierrez liked a select handful of the brushes and flat-out hated others. He said he would definitely NOT drop $360 for brushes of so-so quality.

"Does the brush set work? Yes, it totally does... but 16 brushes for $360 plus shipping and plus tax? Holy shit, that comes out to, like, $400 for a brush set," he said.

He continued to pull up the Morphe website and immediately found several sets of the same quality and size for half that price.

Laura Lee wasn't let down by the brushes — just the big price tag. She even offered a few dupes and cheaper brush alternatives.

"I don't want anyone to feel pressure to ever spend that much on makeup brushes — I wouldn't; they were sent to me," she said.

"Her prices are aligned with a lot of other brush companies, but I get it; I guess other people aren't seeing her brand as that luxe."

Nicol Concilio, on the other hand, was "SHOOK" by just about every brush in the set... in a good way.

"I'm really, no joke, loving the way that these face brushes are performing," she said. "I know a lot of you guys love when I crap on products but at the same time, I need to be honest and let you know when a product is really bomb as well."

"I totally understand people upset about the price... but I did really like the brushes."

Now we're even more in the air about this brush set's worth.

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And there's only one way to solve that — to try it ourselves.