Kylie Jenner may have some explaining to do after beauty influencer Makeup Shayla tried out her infamous $360 brush set.

Like most of the influencers who reviewed the brushes, Makeup Shayla was concerned about the price. 

Shayla is known for her brush obsession, and a higher price tag won't stop deter her — *if* they're "good quality brushes."

It turns out, she actually loved how a few of the Kylie Cosmetics brushes blended out her makeup. 

Shayla especially loved Kylie's brush #6, which she used to buff out a Kylie Cosmetics concealer she contoured with. 

She was also digging the highlighter fan brush from the bundle.

"These seem to be pretty good as far as quality," she shared. "They’re not really shedding a lot."

The first thing she was super concerned about was that the brush bristles are white.

White brushes are way harder to clean than brushes with darker bristles. 

The stained brushes ended up revealing another MAJOR problem with the Kylie Jenner brush set. THIS is how they looked after Shayla's first wash:

WTF. These brushes have SERIOUS case of bedhead.

"Something weird happened," Shayla said while picking up a single brush. 

"I don’t know if it’s because I used soap," she continued. "It got a little frayed. Nothing really shed, but they do look a little messed up.”

Just no.

After drying, they looked only a tad better than before but still looked "a little cray cray," according to Shayla.

My heart...

A $360 brush set should not look like this after a single routine wash. 

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Whyyy though?

Below, I've included a friendly reminder of the Kylie Cosmetics return policy.

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There isn't one. So if you've bought these brushes, there may be no exchange or returns allowed.

So, um...Kylie? We're waiting on an explanation!

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She defended her brush set before but I can't imagine what her explanation could be for this. Let's hope she delivers a good one — and SOON. 

Her reputation in the beauty world is *really* depending on it.

Watch Shayla's entire review right here — and prepare to scream.