As details about Kylie Cosmetics' 30-shade range of concealers were revealed last week, the line was immediately berated for a multitude of reasons. But the last piece of the puzzle — the product's price point — has finally been revealed.

And it's... totally reasonable?

It's official: Kylie Cosmetics' concealer will retail for $20.

Hold the phone. $20? Really?

photo: Giphy

Considering the brand priced its $360 makeup brush set based on other luxury brands...

And many other bestselling, high-end concealers sell between $25 and $30...

tarte shape tape
photo: Tarte

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer ($27, Ulta)

We were anticipating a heftier price tag. But OK!

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The full line of Kylie Cosmetics concealers launches today, December 13, at 3 pm pst.

Time to find out if the product lives up to the hype.