Kylie and Kendall Jenner
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Are you all sick of hearing about makeup collaborations yet? Well, here's another one. Kylie Jenner, the queen of collabs, is finally working on a collection with the one sister she's yet to create with: Kendall. 

And though there are no product reveals or a release date yet, we have a feeling one major clue is a dead giveaway. We have no doubt about this one, and after reading, you won't either. Should we be anticipating another palette coming soon? We're keeping our hopes up. Check it out.

Let's face it: A Kylie Cosmetics X Kendall Jenner collection is long overdue. 

While we've enjoyed the others, seeing a makeup collab between this dynamic duo would be the collection of our dreams. And seeing as our days consist of stalking the two all day anyway, why not? 

Since the first season of KUTWK, we've watched the relationship between the two Jenner girls flourish.

Who can forget that iconic first episode, where the two then preteens sent Caitlyn Jenner into a spiral with their less-than-desirable dance moves? It was then that we knew that the sisters would be an entertaining part of our lives for years and years to come. 

And though they might be seen together less and less these days, make no mistake that the bond is here to stay.

These two seriously have each other's backs. And though Kylie is now a mother and beauty mogul, and Kendall is a supermodel traveling the world, when the two unite it's like fireworks, especially for our Instagram feeds. 

So we continue to wonder: What in the world is Kylie waiting for?

But there's good news, folks! We might've just gotten the answer to that question, and you're going to like the response.

In an Instagram live, Kylie spilled the tea on not just one, but two upcoming makeup collaborations.

After announcing that she's long been working on a collection with her makeup artist, Ariel, a fan asked about a Kendall collab, to which she responded with a wink and a "shhh." 

She went on to say that she had wanted to work with Kendall on a makeup collection for quite a while, but contractual agreements on Kendall's end prevented that from happening. So as we're hoping those contracts are soon coming to an end, check out previous Kylie Cosmetics collabs with those closest to Kylie. 

Kylie Cosmetics is clearly no stranger to high-profile collaborations, such as the most recent Jordyn Woods collection.

The palette, lipsticks, highlighters, and glosses made up one of Kylie's most anticipated launches to date. The besties incorporated lots of browns and purples for sultry yet colorful looks on the eyes, face, and lips. 

And who can forget the TWO Kim Kardashian collabs that were responsible for bringing KKW Beauty into this world?

The chicest of them all, the Kim/Kylie collabs gave us some of our favorite palettes that will forever stay at the forefront of our vanities.

We can't forget that iconic Momager collection, either.

There are few people more meme-able than Kris, maybe because there are even fewer people who are anything remotely similar to Kris. The boss woman who notably works even harder than the devil should have been the first with her own collection, if we're being real. 

Kylie's created her own ode to Kourtney Kardashian as well.

Let Nori's Black Book tell it, Auntie Kourt probably did very little work toward the collection, but that didn't make it any less fire. 

And of course, there were these Koko Collections. So really, Kendall Jenner's time is long overdue.

Kylie X Khloe Makeup Collection
photo: Kylie Cosmetics

It's safe to say that aside from Caitlyn and Kendall, all the women in Kylie's life have a makeup collection. Lucky for us, it's looking like she's about to make that list even shorter. We can't wait.