Kylie Cosmetics Khloe Kardashian collab
photo: Instagram/Kylie Cosmetics

Any time Kylie Jenner teams up with one of her other famous family members for a Kylie Cosmetics collection, fans go wild. So when she teased the third round of her best-selling Koko collection with her sister Khloé Kardashian two weeks ago, the reaction was no different. We finally have photos of the entire collab, and this is our favorite one yet. 

It's vibrant, filled with shimmer, and glamorous, just like the two dynamic sisters, and it's complete with a highlighter, lippies, and an eye shadow palette that will be a guaranteed hit. We're already taking bets on how quickly this one will sell out.

If there's anyone that's always had Kylie Jenner's back, it's her big sister Khloé Kardashian. 

Since the Kardashian/Jenner clan first stepped on the scene in 2007, Kardashian has been looking out for her baby sis Kylie. Whether it's been giving her boy advice, boosting her confidence, or just being a shoulder to cry on, they've clearly been the closest when it comes to the celebrity family. 

So it's only right that the beauty-loving pair collaborates frequently.

And they're doing so for a third time with the newest Kylie Cosmetics X Koko makeup collaboration. 

"KOKO KOLLECTION ROUND 3 IS HERE! i love working with my sisters it’s the biggest blessing ever ever ever!!!  We created something fun for you guys launching next Friday! June 14th come sooner! Check out my stories to see the first look!" Jenner announced on her Instagram. 

And of course, the new collection comes with a glamorous sister photo shoot. 

"I am SO excited for my collab with Kylie @kyliecosmetics!! LAUNCH of round THREE of KoKo Kollection," Kardashian gushed while pictured atop a pink motorcycle. 

If you remember, just two weeks ago, the preliminary photos of the collection made their way to social media, and fans went wild — now they can't wait to try everything out for themselves.

So what can we expect?

The collection comes with five brand-new products with names that will leave you cackling. The Koko Eye Shadow Palette, True Mama Highlighter, The Bigger The Hoops Matte Liquid Lipstick, Allergic To Bullsh*t Matte Liquid Lipstick, and the Handbag Ho Lip Liner will all be available on June 14 for fans to get their hands on. 

Even cuter is the ode to Kardashian's daughter, True. 

Every shadow in the palette is named after the adorable 1-year-old. You'll be able to find shades of True, Including Dreams Come True, True's Mom, True Love, and Must Be True all placed in the nine-shade shimmer and matte palette.

"I seriously need all of these products," a fan said on Instagram.

Fans are already losing it on social media over the swatches.

"COME THRU MAMA KOKO," one fan tweeted. 

"Why is she so gorgeous?! She has always been flawless. Khloe, you are a true queen. Much love to you and yours," another said. 

The pigments are undeniable as pages have begun showing off the vibrant colors for people to see. If you're looking for a universal collection with lots of shimmer, this is it. 

And of course, Jenner swatched it all herself on IG story. 

With her perfectly manicured nails, she showed off every shade from the palette along with the highlighter and liquid lipsticks. 

Now it's almost your turn. The highly anticipated Kylie and Khloé collaboration will be available for you to check out yourself on on June 14. Prep your coins!