Kylie Jenner Kybrow
photo: Instagram/KylieJenner

There's a reason that Kylie Cosmetics is a billion-dollar company. Aside from the obvious (founder Kylie Jenner being part of one of the biggest celeb-family empires), the brand thrives thanks to Jenner constantly pushing out new and in-demand releases. Little time passes before there's something new from the beauty brand, and today is no different. 

The launch of Kybrow, Kylie Cosmetics' first brow collection, has been a long time coming and is already the talk of the beauty space. Ahead, check out where you can buy and what you can expect. 

The time has finally come. 

Last week, Kylie Cosmetics teased its first-ever brow collection that nobody was expecting. Almost instantly, fans took over the comments to fawn over the unreleased product and fangirl over Kylie Jenner's brows. "I have been waiting for this. Kylie has the best brows," one fan wrote on Instagram. 

Well, the products are finally here!

Kybrow is officially for sale, and if Jenner put in even half the formulation time as she did for her famous lip kits, other brow brands should be SHOOK. Not only is the collection huge, but everything comes in six different shades for hair of any color.

The expansive collection is also notably affordable. 

Every product, aside from the full kit, is less than $25. That includes the brow pencil (which has an ultra fine tip for precise detailing and a spoolie for brushing and blending), the smudge-proof brow pomade to define and fill effortlessly, the brow powder duo, the lightweight brow gel with extreme hold and setting power⁣, brow highlighters, and the brow brush, which defines with angled brush tip and blends with the connected spoolie.

In less than an hour, the Kybrow kits and Kybrow duos were heartbreakingly sold out. 

Fans flocked to the website to buy out the kits and duos almost instantly in hopes of achieving brows like Jenner's. Those that missed the mark were crushed, and unfortunately that's expected of most Kylie Cosmetics launches (especially those that are limited edition).

But don't worry — a restock is surely on the horizon.

This isn't the first, nor will it be the last time, that a highly anticipated Kylie Cosmetics launch has sold out so fast. We're sure a restock is coming soon, because these products aren't supposed to be limited edition. In the meantime, check out the fan reactions to Kybrow's launch today. 

Those that missed out have found a simple solution. 

We all just have to become besties with Kylie Jenner. Easy enough, right? All of our Kylie Cosmetics woes would be easily solved if we just became her friend. Kybrow for everyone! 

"I wish Kylie Jenner and I were friends! I’d totally be super happy to get her kybrow kit just because," a fan said. 

Others couldn't get over something completely unrelated to brow pomade. 

Many of the reactions were to the song playing in the background of the Kybrow promotional video. It appeared to be an unreleased Travis Scott song that fans demanded be released ASAP.

"Ok but that Travis Scott song Kylie used on her kybrow vid on IG needs to be released NOW," someone said.

It seems like almost everyone who missed the launch was doing the exact same thing.

And that one thing is sleeping. Countless tweets were about oversleeping and accidentally missing out on Jenner's brow kits.

"When You Sleep In And The KYBROW Duo Kit I NEED Is Sold Out !!!!" this fan tweeted.

Hopefully a restock happens fast.

Mother's Day is around the corner, and mom deserves good brows, too. We're giving Kylie two weeks to act fast because mama needs her brow pomade. 

"By any chance, will you be restocking the KYBROW kits before Mother’s Day?!" said a fan looking to gift her special lady with some new and happening makeup.

And of course, fans are asking their favorite vloggers to review before they spend. 

A beauty-obsessed Nicol Concilio was asked to do a review stat. "Please please review the new Kybrow collection! And maybe an update on your ride or dies rn?!" a fan wrote to her. It's just a matter of time before all of our favorite YouTubers are posting their extravagant mailers from Jenner and sharing their love across YouTube.

So, come on, Kylie — give us the goods!